Pregnant Woman With Severed Limbs Pushed Out Of Moving Truck With A Plastic Bag And A Note

Pregnant Woman With Severed Limbs Pushed Out Of Moving Truck With A Plastic Bag And A Note

The note had a message that revealed why she was subjected to such a gruesome fate.

Trigger warning: This story contains graphic details that readers may find disturbing.

A shocking incident unfolded when a pregnant woman was reportedly thrown out of a moving vehicle along with a plastic bag, which disturbingly contained her own amputated limbs. There were two other men, aged 22 and 23, who were tossed alongside the woman on the road. It was alleged that the members of a drug cartel were responsible for the unspeakable crime.

Not only did they chop off the young pregnant woman's hands but the same was done to the two men after accusing them of theft. Despite dismembering their limbs, the drug gang reportedly did not let them bleed to death. Instead, they placed the body parts in a plastic bag and tied up their stumps with rope and wire before pushing them out from the back of a truck.

Shortly after being tossed off the vehicle, the woman was heard begging strangers who were passing by for help, according to Mirror. "Please, call my sister, please, friend, I will give you the phone number, please help me," she pleaded with everyone who went past them on the road. The event happened in Central Mexican state of Guanajuato. 


In addition to the plastic bag which contained the severed limb, there was a note which accused the pregnant woman and the two men of thievery. "This happened to me for being a rat (thief) and not respecting good, hard-working people," read the note. "Anybody that does the same thing and continues to steal will suffer the same fate."

The three victims were rushed to the hospital by passersby and an investigation was immediately launched into the incident, per Independent. It was discovered that the Elite Group, a deadly wing of the Cartel Jalisco Nuevo Generación (CJNG) and the Santa Rosa de Lima/Sinaloa Cartel alliance, had signed off on the note present in the plastic bag. They claimed responsibility for subjecting the victims to their horrifying fate.


In yet another crime involving a pregnant woman ended with her losing her life. 20-year-old Jessica Gabriela was allegedly strangled by Cinthia Fatima after being lured into her house in Tampico, in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. Cinthia had reportedly ripped out Jessica's child from her womb to pass it off as her own. According to Daily Mail, Cinthia had suffered a miscarriage months earlier and was looking for a way to cover it up by killing pregnant women and taking their baby.

Eventually, Cinthia found the now-deceased mom on social media and offered to bring her some baby clothes. Shortly after this, Jessica went missing and her family alerted the authorities. Cops were able to zero in on the accused after her sister turned up at a hospital with a dead baby.

According to some reporters, the woman told doctors that her sister Cinthia had a recent still-birth at home, while other reports revealed that it had been months since she lost the baby but decided to keep it a secret. Following the miscarriage, she tracked down other pregnant women and unfortunately, Jessica fell for her trap.

In the guise of helping the heavily pregnant woman, Cinthia lured her into the home before strangling her and cutting out the baby from her womb. Her plan was to take the infant to doctors and claim that the child was her own. Cinthia hoped her husband would be convinced that she had not lost their child months earlier. But after Jessica's family informed the cops, her decomposing body was discovered at Cinthia's home. Both Cinthia and her husband, Omar Erique N. were arrested.