Pregnant Mom Refuses To Stop Drinking Alcohol Despite Husband's Pleas, Leaving Him No Choice But To Wish For Miscarriage

Pregnant Mom Refuses To Stop Drinking Alcohol Despite Husband's Pleas, Leaving Him No Choice But To Wish For Miscarriage

The husband is worried and wants their child to be born healthy.

Most women are thrilled when they hear the news of their pregnancy. Knowing that they will soon be welcoming a little human brings a lot of happiness and so, they make sure they are doing everything right for them and the baby. One husband wanted his wife to do the same for herself and their unborn child. However, the mother's carelessness has left the husband helpless and disturbed. 

According to Reddit,  the 31-year-old told users of how his 29-year-old pregnant wife was not ready to give up drinking. "My wife is 6 weeks pregnant. It’s unplanned but we decided to keep it. She’s still drinking even though she’s pregnant. She drinks multiple glasses of wine sometimes, and sometimes stronger alcohol(vodka, whisky, etc)," said the man.

The man was so tired of her behavior that he stopped buying alcohol. However, that has not stopped the woman from consuming alcohol. He writes, "I’ve stopped buying any but she gets it herself."

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He further went on to say that the doctor recommended abstaining from drinks till the pregnancy ends. He also claimed that she was allowed one beer or a glass of wine if she craved a drink.

Meanwhile, she was asked to stay away from hard drinks. But the adamant woman continues to drink ignoring the advice of the doctor or her husband's concerns. "Her doctor recommends no alcohol at all, but says that if she wants to drink it should be no more than a glass of wine or one beer a day, no hard liquor. My wife ignores this rule," wrote the man. 

The husband claimed that he tried to reason with his wife many times but she told him it was her choice. "I’ve tried reasoning with her and she just spews 'my body my choice'."

"I don’t know what to do at this point," wrote the husband. Unable to think of a plausible solution, the man even asked his wife to abort the baby if she did not want to take care of the health of the unborn child. He added his brother has FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) and did not want his kid to have a similar experience. "My brother has FAS and I know how terrible it is," said the man. 

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He went on to say that he hoped his wife lost the baby. He added that he considered divorce but dropped it after realizing she would drink more in that case. "At this point I’m hoping for a miscarriage. I don’t know what I can even do. I want to get a divorce but I think she would drink even more if I wasn’t here," wrote the man. 

Reddit users came to help the worried man with their opinions. "He shouldn’t have to be forced to take care of a mentally impaired child because of her abuse of alcohol! That is completely draining especially when it could’ve been so easily avoided," wrote one.

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Another told the man to let her doctor known of her habit. "I also think you should contact her GP with this information. It may impact the treatment she needs and they may also be able to encourage her towards rehab. There is a higher chance your child may be born with FAS as well. If she is still drinking heavily by the birth, my advice is to divorce and seek full custody, with her having supervised access only," commented man.

Many others too asked the husband to contact the doctor immediately. Meanwhile, some claimed that doctors would not be able to help if the person was not willing to undergo the treatment. 

One person wrote, "She’s just being selfish, and stupid. It’s not her body her choice. She’s ruining someone else’s life! Before it can even begin. This is how miscarriages, deformities, and development issues happen. She has a responsibility to that child. If something happens to that child, god forbid, it will be her fault and she’ll need to live with that her entire life. That is also your child! You have a say in its wellbeing. Get in there and save your kid!"