Pregnant Wife Refuses To Help With Any Chores And This Is How Frustrated That Husband Got

Pregnant Wife Refuses To Help With Any Chores And This Is How Frustrated That Husband Got

"I was done doing 100 percent of the chores, we need a more even split because I was losing hair from the stress," the husband said.

We agree that pregnancy can be tiring both physically and mentally, but having your partner around to help is sometimes the greatest support you can get. However, the internet is now convinced that a few people take things too far as in the case of this worn-out husband whose wife just doesn't seem to sympathize with him. 

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The anonymous father-to-be took to Reddit explaining how his wife is 24 weeks pregnant and how so far "it's been a fairly easy pregnancy". "I have done my best to be a good husband. I work full-time, started doing all the chores (cooking/cleaning/pet care), and of course, try my best to accommodate her cravings," he explained before going on to say, 
"She has been taking it easy and spends most of her day relaxing. She says she has never felt better". But that is the problem, everything is on him and it is only understandable that he is "burnt out". He did try to speak to her on two occasions, asking her if she would be able to take on a very small portion of the chores but she refused both times.

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He then explained why she refused, "She says that it would stress her out and possibly harm the baby, which scared me (I don’t want anything to happen to our baby), so of course, I didn’t push it." The man shared an instance when his wife woke him in the early hours of the morning to ask him to go and buy her some snacks. He had a particularly tough week at work and politely declined but she wasn't going to have any of it, she continued to throw a tantrum for half an hour. "Then she started crying and telling me what a s*** husband I was being. She also said she's scared to see me as a father if this is how selfish I am'," the man recalled. This is when he lost it and decided to give her a piece of his mind, "I told her I’ve been taking care of 100 per cent of the responsibilities for the past six months. She’s been sitting on her phone every single day and hasn’t had to lift a finger. Then I said I was done doing 100 per cent of the chores and we need a more even split because I was losing hair from the stress. This caused her to cry more and she kicked me out to the couch," the man wrote. 

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His nightmares were far from over, he claims that since the incident he has been called names by her family. "My [mother-in-law] has texted me to call me an a******," 
They both said the stress I am putting on my wife will hurt the baby so now I feel super guilty," he wrote before asking other users whether he was being 'out of order'. Users were on his side, "most women literally hold on to their full-time jobs six months into their pregnancy and beyond," one commented, while another asked, "Why is she not even capable of doing light housework?". One wrote, "Unless it is high risk, your wife can work, do chores, ALL while carrying a child. You are being royally manipulated and taken advantage of... I am sorry." A fourth commented, "she's pregnant, not on her death bed."

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A mother of four shared her thoughts, "I've been pregnant four times, all high risk, and not once has my doctor told me not to do regular household chores. If anything, he encouraged it because it kept me active and reduced the amount of issues I could have. Although there are certain things she should not be doing (anything involving inhaling chemicals, like bleach or bathroom cleaner), changing a litterbox, and anything physically strenuous (shovelling snow, carrying a large vacuum up the steps), and any general health concerns that she shouldn't have been doing before getting pregnant if any, should be avoided. UNLESS she has a doctor/midwife tell her explicitly not to do anything then light chores can still be done."