Pregnant Bride Collapses And Dies Just Moments Before Reaching The Altar, Leaves Her Shattered Groom A Single Dad

Pregnant Bride Collapses And Dies Just Moments Before Reaching The Altar, Leaves Her Shattered Groom A Single Dad

The bride collapsed minutes before reaching the altar leaving the groom utterly devastated.

A groom's wedding day turned into a nightmare when his bride collapsed minutes before reaching the altar. Jessica Guedes, 30, was 6 months pregnant at the time when she started to feel sick in the limo on the way to the church for her wedding. Her relatives thought she was just anxious about the big day but things took a horrifying turn when she complained of pains at the back of her neck and then passed out. Her fiancé, firefighter Lieutenant Flavio Goncalvez, 31, was confused as to why his bride was taking so long to arrive until a relative had told him that she had collapsed.  Speaking to a local media outlet, according to Inside Edition, the groom said, "I opened the car door and she was lying down but regained consciousness to talk to me. I said to her, ‘Baby, I’m here’. She replied that everything was fine, but that she had a severe pain in the back of her neck. At that moment, I became a rescuer, as I have been for seven years with the Fire Department. I took her out of the limo, started first aid and asked for help from my firefighter friends who were there as guests."



Jessica was taken to a state maternity hospital in central São Paulo where they discovered that she was bleeding internally. The doctors were able to save the baby, Sophia, who was born at just 29 weeks. Tragically the mother passed away after the baby was born. “Jessica was a really cheerful person who loved life, an enlightened and strong being of light,” Goncalvez said of his late fiancée. “I was so looking forward to becoming her husband and becoming a father. I will be strong and I will not weaken in the face of adversity.” The devasted father is trying to muster his strength to be there for his daughter, the way Jessica would have. “The love of my life taught me how to respect and treat a woman well so that I could learn how to take care of our daughter,” Goncalvez said. "I still can't believe this has happened. It seems like I'm in a sad movie, and you cry, cry, cry, but leave the movie theater knowing it was just a movie. However, in my case, the movie will never be over….”



According to The Sun, Jessica died from a stroke minutes before arriving at the altar. The mother had a condition called pre-eclampsia which can often go unchecked in pregnant women or those who have just given birth. The rare condition is characterized by high blood pressure and significant amounts of protein in the urine. This means red blood cells break down and eventually lead to seizures, and liver and kidney failure. Family members believed that Jessica was healthy and was shocked to learn of the incident. A relative said, “Jessica was attending prenatal care, had no high blood pressure during her pregnancy and was healthy, doing physical activity and eating well.” Nevertheless, the family decided to respect Jessica’s wishes to donate her organs upon her death.