8 Powerful Quotes By John Lennon That Will Inspire You

8 Powerful Quotes By John Lennon That Will Inspire You

The words of wise men like John Lennon are to be remembered. Their lives are lessons that should not be forgotten.

The English singer and songwriter John Lennon is not famous just for his music. The former Beatles star has also inspired people around the world with his wise words and an open mind. Throughout his life, he advocated for peace and influenced people around the world. Though he is not with us today, his memories and wisdom will always remain in history for generations to come. Here are a few famous quotes from the 60s singer that will motivate you:

1. Be independent, be strong and make your choices

2. You cannot please anybody, be yourself 

3. Trust your capabilities and face the world before you

4. Self-love, the biggest love always 

5. Be a rebel, a master of your own life 

6. Not everyone may like you but does that even matter?

7. Problems are unavoidable but just be positive with a smile

8. Accept that weakness instead of denying it