Postman Ignores The Cries Of 72YO Pensioner Who Slipped & Hit Her Head On The Ground In Front Of Him, Gets Suspended

Postman Ignores The Cries Of 72YO Pensioner Who Slipped & Hit Her Head On The Ground In Front Of Him, Gets Suspended

Patricia Stewart was later assisted by a Hermes delivery worker.

One pensioner did not think it would be so difficult to find a helping hand after she suffered a fall. However, not only did it take long for help to arrive but she also had to face a man who ignored her cries just because he was tired. 

According to Mirror Online, 72-year-old Patricia Stewart slipped on ice outside her home and ended up with a big lump on her head. The helpless woman was too weak to get up on her own. So she began to call out for help. After 20 minutes, the woman from Bainsford, Falkirk, Scotland, spotted a postman coming her way.


Finally, her ordeal was over thought the woman. However, the unexpected happened. Instead of stepping up and offering a hand, the man identified as Thomas McCafferty stated he was too tired from work to do so, according to Metro

"I can't help you pal, I'm knackered," said the postman. Recalling the incident, the elderly stated, "Twenty minutes I was shouting 'help' and I was crying. I was lying partly in the snow and I banged my head. Even if he was knackered, at the end of the day that's his job."

Fortunately for the woman,  Hermes delivery worker Karolina assisted her and even called her neighbors to assist her. However, the pensioner and her family are shocked by the postman's attitude. After seeing footage they obtained from their neighbor, the family referred to his behavior as "disgusting." 


"He left her really upset and feeling worthless. It is unbelievable. When I got told about it I thought there was some kind of misunderstanding," said the elderly woman's niece Sheryl Harkins. She added, "I care for my aunt and I visit her four times a day, but she could have been lying there for three hours and caught hypothermia." 

The woman suggested that the man had the option of at least letting someone else know about Patricia's accident. "He could have told someone down the street, all our neighbors are fantastic they would do anything to help anyone. It is just really so disgusting, the neighbors would have gone to help but nobody heard her shouting," said the woman. 


 She added, "It was the coldest night in the UK for 26 years and he left my aunt lying on the ground. It just goes against everything, you wouldn't treat a dog like that."

The incident outraged the public too. As a result, The Royal Mail suspended McCafferty. They also launched an investigation. A spokesman for Royal Mail stated, "Royal Mail expects the highest standards of behavior from our people while out on deliveries and collections at all times."