Starbucks Barista Writes 'Pig' On Cop's Coffee Cups Meant To Be A Reward For Dispatchers Working On Thanksgiving

Starbucks Barista Writes 'Pig' On Cop's Coffee Cups Meant To Be A Reward For Dispatchers Working On Thanksgiving

Every single coffee cup that the police officer wanted to give his emergency dispatchers on Thanksgiving were labeled with the insult.

The women and men in uniform are rarely thanked for sacrificing their family time and carrying out their duty on big holidays like thanksgiving. A group of emergency dispatchers in Oklahoma received an insult instead of gratitude after working on Thanksgiving and spending the day without their friends and families.

The police officer who was on duty decided to reward his emergency dispatchers for their service on Thanksgiving with a cup of coffee from Starbucks. Once he received his order, however, the officer noticed that all five of the cups were labeled 'Pig' by the barista. Deeply hurt by the insult, Johnny O’Mara contacted the police chief, as reported by The New York Times.

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, O’Mara was on vacation at the time but he decided to post about the incident on a Facebook post, which is no longer available. "What irks me is the absolute and total disrespect for a police officer who, instead of being home with family and enjoying a meal and a football game, is patrolling his little town," Chief O’Mara said in his post, as quoted by New York Post.


When the chief got in touch with the coffee shop, he was told that they would "replace the coffee with a correct label". But that wasn't enough of an apology for O'Mara who wrote, "The proverb ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me’ came to mind."

O'Mara went on to say, "This cup of coffee for a 'pig' is just another little flag. It’s another tiny symptom and a nearly indiscernible shout from a contemptuous, roaring and riotous segment of a misanthropic society that vilifies those who stand for what’s right and glorifies the very people who would usher in the destruction of the social fabric."


Jory Mendes, on behalf of Starbucks, gave a statement to KTUL-TV and said, "This is absolutely unacceptable and we are deeply sorry to the law enforcement officer who experienced this. We have also apologized directly to him and we are working to connect with the police chief as well as to express our remorse. The barista has been suspended pending the outcome of our investigation into this matter. This language is offensive to all law enforcement and is not representative of the deep appreciation we have for police officers who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe."

O'Mara had also appeared in an interview with Fox News, as reported by Washington Examiner. "I just recently learned that the employee was terminated, and this may be a bit surprising, but I would like Starbucks to reconsider. It was a mistake," O'Mara said. "We are hoping that we can take this moment where a mistake was made and turn it into something that highlights the ability to be civil with one another, that's something that's missing in a lot of society right now is the ability to just be civil."

However, the story of the coffee controversy doesn't end here. Later, a young woman, claiming to be the daughter of chief O'Mara took to twitter to bash the man she says is her father, according to The Sun.

In a series of tweets that she posted, she said he was "absolutely a pig" and said he has no business "being a police officer."