Rare 'Pink Moon' On April 8th Will Be 2020's Largest And Brightest Supermoon

Rare 'Pink Moon' On April 8th Will Be 2020's Largest And Brightest Supermoon

You will be able to view the phenomenon from 10:35 pm EDT on April 7, 2020.

With most of us spending our time indoors with family due to the ongoing pandemic, we can all spend some time admiring the beautiful skies from our windows or lawns. If you are still not convinced, there is something exciting that you can look forward to. The skies on 8 April 2020 will be lit by the phenomenon of a 'Pink Moon'.


According to the Sun, the Pink Moon occurs during the phase of the full moon that appears in April. Unlike the other phases where the full moon is white, this moon will be glazed with a pale-orange look though the name suggests pink. It is named after the pink flower called wild ground phlox that usually blossom in the United States during springtime.

According to Farmer's Almanac, "Herb, moss pink, or wild ground phlox, is one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring. As the name infers, the flowers are pink in color, thus the name for April’s full moon."


The Pink moon is said to appear in the early hours before dawn in parts of the U.K, Europe and the eastern part of North America. According to the Famer's Almanac, you will be able to view the phenomenon from 10:35 pm EDT on April 7, 2020. Apart from its distinct color, the moon will also be a supermoon which is much larger and brighter than an average moon.


This Supermoon is particularly special and so, this sight should not be missed. The supermoon appears due to the shape of the Moon's orbit. It happens when the moon reaches the point in the orbit that is nearest to the earth called the perigee.

So, when the moon reaches within 90% of the perigee, it will appear to look brighter and bigger than the average moon. The supermoons are 15% brighter and about 7% larger than the average full moon. However, they frequently appear to be 14% larger and 30 % brighter than a normal full moon.


According to NASA, Worm Supermoon was seen in the skies in March. That was just one of the four full moons predicted to reach the 90% threshold from February to May.

The Pink Moon will share the same features in terms of its appearance with the Worm Supermoon in March. However, since this supermoon will be  0.1% closer to the Earth than the one in March, it will be the brightest and largest supermoon of the year.


This sight of the Pink Moon may be easier to view as our skies will as lesser vehicles are plying due to the global health crisis. While it may be stressful to us as individuals, our planet is recovering from the damages we have caused it over the past decades. With the earth healing from years and years of exploitation, we have a hopeful future especially if we pledge to conserve and safeguard it in the coming days.