Pierce Brosnan Turned Out To Be An Amazing Dad To His Kids Even Though He Was Abandoned By His Own Father After Birth

Pierce Brosnan Turned Out To Be An Amazing Dad To His Kids Even Though He Was Abandoned By His Own Father After Birth

Raised by his single mother who worked hard to support her family, Pierce Brosnan made sure his children never lacked the loving support and guidance of a father, one that he never had growing up

The memories and experiences of the past can sometimes come back to haunt us much later in life. No matter how much we move on in life, the remnants of a tragic childhood can creep into your adulthood and affect your decisions and future. Having gone through a lot quite early in his life, Hollywood actor Pierce Brosnan carries the weight of growing up without a father, but he has managed to not let it affect his duty as a parent.

The Hollywood actor was born into a working-class Irish family and had a fateful start as his father, Thomas walked out on his mother shortly after his birth, according to Nicki Swift. His young mother became the breadwinner for the family.


Little Brosnan was left with relatives while she went to earn for her family. Though he was in care of extended family, Pierce Brosnan never had the guidance an support a child requires from a father growing up. However, he braved through the adversities of life, and with the support of his mother, managed to build a life that went far beyond the one he was born into.


From a dashing young actor working hard to make a name for himself to becoming one of the most recognizable faces on the big screen, Pierce Brosnan redefined the iconic James Bond with his suave demeanor. And the emptiness caused by an absentee parent is not something his fans saw a lot of, given his terrific skills as an actor. There's also the fact that Brosnan had his mother by his side through it all, and the Holywood star never shied away from expressing his affection for the woman who raised him.


Brosnan did meet the man who had walked out of his life before he was even old enough to remember his face. At the age of 31, Brosnan met his dad for the first time. The legendary actor was at the starting phase of his career and was shooting Remington Steele, the detective TV show that eventually made him a star.


Recalling that day he told Esquire magazine, "I had a Sunday afternoon with him. A story about this and that had a few pints of Guinness, and we said goodbye." He added, "I would have loved to have known him. He was a good whistler and he had a good walk.... That's as much as I know about him." The actor also revealed that it was the first and the last time he saw his father. "I only met Tom the once," he adds.


While his father went out of his life forever, Brosnan who was not fortunate to experience family as a child, went ahead to have his own. In 1986, the actor married Cassandra Harris. He became a father to her children, Charlotte and Chris.

After entering fatherhood, the actor said, "To begin with I was Pierce, then I was Daddy Pierce, and then I just became Dad. Charlotte and Chris have just been amazing in my life," as reported by The Sun. Soon, Cassandra gave birth to their son Sean and the family expanded. However, fate was not kind to Brosnan. After 11 years of marriage, he lost the mother of his children to cancer.


He was left to be a single parent for his three kids. He raised them in spite of never having an exemplary father figure in his own life. The actor stood by his children as they struggled to recover from their mother's death. In 2001, he tied the knot with journalist Keeley Shaye Smith. The couple was blessed with two sons, Dylan and Paris. Reflecting on his role as a father, Brosnan said, "I know what it's like to bring up sons. It can be a very arduous road… My fatherly instincts are purely my own. They relate back to no one because there was no one."


The actor is often caught by the paparazzi spending time with his family like any other father, fame or no fame. Be it on a weekend at the beach, for a walk in the park or even grabbing a bite with his kids. If there's one thing Brosnan's fan love about him more than his charming demeanor on the big screen, it's the down to earth attitude with which he appears to go about life, not letting his fame affect his relationship with his wife and children.


The actor has five children, three from his first wife Cassandra, and two with Keeley. While he stood by his children and family unlike his father, the actor went through hardships. He watched his daughter Charlotte fight cancer like her mother, Cassandra. He made her dreams come true and walked her down the aisle before the disease took her away forever.

Though life took him through bad and heartbreaking experiences, Pierce Brosnan firmly stood by his family and offered the guidance and support that comes with fatherly love, something he longed for in his childhood.