Pierce Brosnan Held Dying Wife In His Arms As She Took Her Last Breaths. "It Was One Of The Longest Nights Of My Life"

Pierce Brosnan Held Dying Wife In His Arms As She Took Her Last Breaths. "It Was One Of The Longest Nights Of My Life"

Pierce Brosnan watched his wife slip away to death in tears. Despite moving on, he still misses his dear Cassie.

Having to say goodbye to the one you love is the toughest thing a person would have to do. Pierce Brosnan, the phenomenal Hollywood star was faced with such a situation when he was forced to bid farewell to his first wife of 11 years after she lost her life to cancer. The 66-year-old opened up about her death and recalled the devastating moments that led to her tragic loss.

According to People, the James Bond actor married Cassandra Harris in 1980. The couple shared a happy marriage with three kids until tragedy struck their life. Harris, who was a major influence in Brosnan's life was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Brosnan closely watched his brave wife fight the illness.  

“This wasn’t a shadow or a small tumor—this had invaded Cassie’s being. Took her destiny in her own hands with incredible courage and grace," recalled the actor, according to People. He supported her and stood by her side while she handled everything. “As frightened as you are, you have to second-guess. I was the quiet party, but I was always there for her," added the actor. However, her conditions became worse.


Recalling one of their days at the hospital, Brosnan revealed his wife was comforting him even when she was in immense pain.  “I was in a helpless state of…confusion and anger. She was comforting me," said the actor, according to People. “She was comforting me. She said, ‘Please, darling, don’t worry. It’s just a life winding down.’ What can you do?” he continued. Their treatment options became limited and Brosnan could not contain his emotions. He did not want to lose her. 

However, fate was cruel to Brosnan. Harris went into renal failure and her body was shutting down. Realizing what she was going through, she told her husband, "I’m dying." The actor could not hold his sorrow, he held his wife's hands and started praying. "I realized I was losing my Cassie," said the actor to People. He eventually called a priest and did the necessary prayers.

He then sat by her side and read verses from the Bible. Looking back on that day, Brosan revealed the last comprehensible words his wife said to him. “Always an actor…," said the woman.  “It also [meant] ‘always a man, always a father'. It was wonderful to hear," said Brosnan to People.


Harris clung on to life for few more days after Christmas. The couple was nearing their wedding anniversary and Harris "began her journey" of passing away.

"That was one of the longest nights of my life ever. She began to go; it was time," said the star. He held his wife, he lovingly called Cassie in his arms. His daughter, Charlotte called him at the time and the actor told her mother was dying. "So I had Cassie in my arms, and I had Charlotte on the phone, and two minutes later Christopher came in the door, so we were all together. And that’s how she went to God…," said the loving husband, according to People.


Her death had an adverse effect on Brosnan. “There is an incredible cruelty in it all. Losing a person you shared everything with. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever experienced bereavement, and it’s overwhelming," said the actor. He credits her for evolving him into who he is today. “She has made me the man I am, the actor I am, the father I am. She’s forever embedded in every fiber of my being. She’s there with me every day. I was so blessed to have met someone like that," said Brosnan to People. However, he regrets one thing. “I never asked Cassie if she was scared. I regret that. I didn’t want to ask, because she had so much fight," said the actor to People.


Though the actor went on to find love again and marry Keely Shaye Smith in 2001, Brosnan still grieves the death of his first wife. “It was a great friendship, a great love, a great adventure. You don’t get over the mourning in a year, two years, three, four. You just miss the person and sometimes get angry with her because she’s not there," said the star, according to Express UK.

He added, "Cassie was very positive about life. I mean, she had the most amazing energy and outlook on life. It was and is a terrible loss and I see it reflected from time to time in my children."