'There Is An Incredible Cruelty In It All': Pierce Brosnan Said About Losing His First Wife To Cancer

'There Is An Incredible Cruelty In It All': Pierce Brosnan Said About Losing His First Wife To Cancer

"The memory of Cassie and her fight against cancer is never forgotten," he said, having lost love once and finding it again when he thought he never would.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on July 17, 2019. It has since been updated.

When you're deeply in love with someone, it feels cruel to have them taken away from you before you even had the chance to grow old together like you both would have imagined. When Pierce Brosnan crossed paths with Cassandra Harris for the first time, he was "bowled over" and he went on to become her husband. But 11 years of married life was all that he could share with his first wife, whom he lovingly called Cassie.


Despite the fact that their time together was unexpectedly cut short, Pierce Brosnan would forever be grateful for Cassandra Harris to have walked into his life. However, the actor, who was also a loving husband, talks about how it was extremely painful to be right by her side and watch her pass away. “She has made me the man I am, the actor I am, the father I am. She’s forever embedded in every fiber of my being. She’s there with me every day. I was so blessed to have met someone like that,” he told People in 1992, just months after Cassandra Harris passed away due to ovarian cancer on December 28, 1991.


For Pierce Brosnan, it always felt like she helped him move the important pieces of his life, having a huge impact on his career and his parenthood. When he received a phone call from his agent after her death, telling him that his movie, The Lawnmower Man, was a box office hit, he went out to his garden to the same spot where his wife used to sit, believing that somewhere she'd be listening to his happy news. “Cassie used to sit in that chair over there, under these trees, so I just went there and I talked,” Pierce Brosnan said. “I told her, ‘Well, darling, I know you’re up there moving the pieces around.’"



The two of them were inseparable and in an interview in 1983, Cassandra Harris said, "Here was this funny-looking man with this short haircut. But we had much in common... and once we started talking, we never stopped," she said about the time they met. But life didn't turned out as they quite pictured. They had a happy marriage, but ever since she was diagnosed with cancer, checkups and treatments became a regular part of their lives.


During the time when she was moving closer and closer to death, Pierce Brosnan spent every moment he could by her side. He recalled one time when they were lying in the hospital bed together, “I was in a helpless state of…confusion and anger. She was comforting me."

Cassandra Harris, in the state that she was, knew she had no choice in the matter, but wanted to make sure her husband stayed strong before she had to leave him behind. "She said, ‘Please, darling, don’t worry. It’s just a life winding down.’ What can you do?” he said. “Up until then there was always something, some new treatment. But then the options got fewer and fewer. At the end, Cassie didn’t want to be resuscitated [by] any machines.”


He will never forget the night where he had to watch her end her time with him and begin "her journey" of passing on. It was just days after Christmas around the time of their 14th wedding anniversary. “That was one of the longest nights of my life ever,” he said and the next morning, she passed away.

Brosnan was heartbroken after losing the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, to cancer. He thought that he would never find love again. But he eventually did and he went on to marry Keely Smith. “I know what it is like to be a widower and what it is like to find love again. So I know there’s hope and that you have to learn to get on with it..." he said, as reported by Mirror. "But the memory of Cassie and her fight against cancer is never forgotten.”


His experience of losing his loved ones to cancer didn't end with his first wife. Charlotte, who was Cassandra's daughter from her previous relationship was later legally adopted by Pierce Brosnan. More than two decades after he lost his first wife, he lost his daughter, too. Charlotte lost her battle to ovarian cancer, the same disease that took her mother's life, according to The Bond Bulletin. And anyone who has had to live through the pain of losing someone you love would know that having gone through it once didn't make the second time any less painful.


“Charlotte fought her cancer with grace and humanity, courage and dignity. Our hearts are heavy with the loss of our beautiful dear girl. We pray for her and that the cure for this wretched disease will be close at hand soon,” he said.

While pain and grief were no strangers in Pierce Brosnan's life, he's also had the chance to see joy as well. He's shown nothing but respect for the women in his life, always being loyal and committed to them. He's been married to his second wife for almost two decades, but he may never forget the impact that Cassandra Harris had on him.