Pierce Brosnan's Cancer-Stricken First Wife "Comforted" Him Even When She Was Struggling To Stay Alive

Pierce Brosnan's Cancer-Stricken First Wife "Comforted" Him Even When She Was Struggling To Stay Alive

Cassandra Harris's death shattered the actor. She was a major influence in his life.

The thought of being away from the person you love the most is heartbreaking. For years, your life revolved around them and they were your future. Pierce Brosnan loved his first wife, Cassandra Harris. She was his world and the apple of his eyes that even fate was envious of their beautiful relationship. Years after their union, Brosnan was forced to bid farewell to her after she lost her life to ovarian cancer.


Recalling the devastating last days with her, the actor reminisced how his wife consoled and made him feel ok even when her body was failing her. He said he was "was in a helpless state of…confusion and anger. She was comforting me."

He laid next to her on the hospital bed and looked at the brave woman, who did everything she could to help him through the emotional and mental pain he was going through. "She said, ‘Please, darling, don’t worry. It’s just a life winding down.’ What can you do?” he said.

"Up until then, there was always something, some new treatment. But then the options got fewer and fewer. At the end, Cassie didn’t want to be resuscitated [by] any machines," recalled the actor, according to People

She calmed him down with his words and tried to prepare him for a life without her. Soon, Harris bid farewell to his love.


Before she took her final breath, she told him, "I’m dying." With a burdened heart, Brosnan responded “Yes." He held her hands and began to pray. He knew his wife would not see another day. He called a priest, who prayed with the couple.

As soon as he left, Brosnan began to read out from the pamphlets left behind by the priest. He stood by her bed and tried to spell out the verses clearly but his pain was too immense that he said, "Darling, I’m making a pig’s ear of this. Here I am an actor, and I can’t even get these words in the right order," according to People.


Then his wife called him to the bedside and whispered,  “Always an actor….” That was the last comprehensible words he heard from his wife. Speaking to People about that night, the actor stated, "That was one of the longest nights of my life ever."

The next morning, his wife left him forever. She died on their 14th anniversary, just two days after Christmas in the arms of her beloved husband. Brosnan became a single parent and held his kids close to him.

He filled the void of their mother and created laughter even when his heart still mourned the loss of Harris. “I don’t want this to sound depressing. There is still laughter in the house, believe it or not, and a great spirit of life. I have wonderful children and work!" said Brosnan to People.


Harris was a major influence in the life of Brosnan. He believes she shaped him into the person he is today. "She has made me the man I am, the actor I am, the father I am. She’s forever embedded in every fiber of my being. She’s there with me every day. I was so blessed to have met someone like that.," said the actor about his late wife. 

Her death had a profound impact on him and the actor felt he would never find love again. But then, the unexpected happened. In 2001, Brosnan met Keely Shaye Smith. The couple had instant chemistry and soon started a family.


Knowing all about Brosnan's emotions about his first wife, Smith supports her husband, who still grieves for the loss of Harris. "It was a great friendship, a great love, a great adventure. You don’t get over the mourning in a year, two years, three, four. You just miss the person and sometimes get angry with her because she’s not there," said the star, according to Express UK.