See Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's Journey Of Romance Through These Pictures

See Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's Journey Of Romance Through These Pictures

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been together for 71 long years. They are a great example of love and romance for the world.

There is no better example of everlasting love than what Queen Elizabeth shares with her charming, Prince Philip. The royal couple stands as a testimony of enduring romance as the Queen celebrated her 93rd birthday on Easter Sunday with Prince Philip along her side. The couple who have been married for 71 years have stood by each other through thick and thin as well as through major historical events.


Born on April 12, 1926, in Central London, Elizabeth is the first child of  King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Little Elizebeth was introduced to Philip at the age of eight, however, the love story of this royal couple began in July of 1939 at the Royal Naval College.  Prince Philip who was then Lieutenant was asked by  Elizabeth's parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to escort young Elizabeth who was only 13-years-old.


According to US Magazine, the couple immediately fell in love and started exchanging letters to each other. The love that blossomed between the two led to the engagement announcement in July 1947 after Elizabeth's 21st birthday, as was the condition laid down by King George VI. “Our daughter is marrying the man she loves,” said King George VI about the union of Elizabeth and Philip.


They were later married at Westminster Abbey in the presence of about 2,000 guests in a restrained ceremony on November 1947.  The couple welcomed their first child  Charles Philip Arthur George on November 1948, just before their first anniversary. They were later blessed by their only daughter Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise in August 1950. 

On the death of her father, Elizabeth was coronated as Queen on June 2, 1953. At the ceremony, her loving husband, Philip knelt and told her, “I, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, do become your liege man of life and limb and of earthly worship.”


They were later blessed with two other boys, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have stood by each other as Britain transitioned from a colonial power into the Commonwealth of Nations. 


On the occasion of their 50th anniversary, Queen Elizabeth said," He has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years, and I, and his whole family, and this and many other countries, owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim, or we shall ever know.” She praised her partner for being her support system for all these years. Today, the royal couple has eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. The couple with the longest marriage than any British monarch will celebrate their 72nd anniversary in November.


It has been several decades since Prince Philip had fallen in love completely and unreservedly with Queen Elizebeth. Since the beginning, the couple has been together through ups and downs in life and has seen the evolution of British society and the coming and going of 13 prime ministers. However, their unconditional love and bond have remained the same since they met. Here are a few pictures that will take you through their romantic journey together. 

1. The Queen and Prince Philip photographed in Buckingham Palace in 2012 to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee


2.  When the Queen and Prince Philip revisited the Broadland where they spent their honeymoon in November 1947 on their 60th anniversary


3. The Queen and Prince Philip photographed on their 70th wedding anniversary


4. A picture was taken after the wedding of the Queen and Prince Philip in November 1947


5. The Royal couple sharing a laugh together


6. The couple clicked during one of their diplomatic meetings


7. The then-Princess Elizabeth pregnant with Prince Charles in 1948


8. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip clicked together on the Queen's 93rd birthday


9. When Prince Philip led the Queen by his hand down the stairs


10. When the Royal couple shared a dance