7 Physical Gestures Of Your Partner That Show They're Crazy About You

7 Physical Gestures Of Your Partner That Show They're Crazy About You

Sometimes words fail to say what's on the mind. That's when your partner's body and physical gestures say it all.

It's not just sweet words or little notes of love left here and there that prove your partner adores you. Most of the time, your partner's body is telling you more than you catch on.

Author Joe Navarro wrote for Psychology Today explaining how every part of our body, including our limbs, facial expressions, eyes, and hearts are controlled by the brain. This means that all the thoughts your partner has on their mind are reflected in their physical gestures and body language.

These physical signs show that your partner is deeply in love with you.

1. Your partner leans in towards you

If your partner leans in closer towards you, it shows that your partner is fully attentive towards you and is giving you their complete attention. And leaning in is a way for them to reduce the space (physical and emotional) between both of you. When you notice that your partner moves closer to you when they see you, you can tell that they like what you're doing or what you're saying, as explained by Jeremy Nicholson, a doctor of social and personality psychology.


2. Your partner's eyebrows raise when you're around

When you walk into the room or you're saying something to your partner and you notice that their eyebrows raise, this also shows that they are genuinely invested in you. "If you likes you and he likes what he sees as soon as he sees you, he wants more of you and soon the aperture of his eyes increases, making his eyebrows raise," said Patti Wood, a body language and author, according to Cosmopolitan. "This also means that he's interested in whatever you're saying."

3. Your partner can't stop smiling when you're around

The one thing that brightens up your partner's day is you, and they will make it gleefully evident when they can't stop smiling when they're with you. It shows that they are extremely comfortable when you're around. The joy that they feel with you instantly shows as they grin and giggle with you by their side. Your presence puts them at ease and their body can't stop showing it.


4. Your partner touches you after walking into the room

If your partner hasn't seen you for hours or has just come back home from work or from meeting their friends, the first thing they do can say a lot about their connection with you. And if they come towards you, touch you, hug you or give you a kiss, or even just takes a while to look at you for a few moments, it can show that they have missed you. Before doing anything else, they would first make that physical gesture before carrying on with anything else.

5. Your partner loves being playful with you

When you're just sitting with each other and you see that your partner plays with your hair or with your hands, or gently pushes your hair behind your ears, it shows that they feel physically and emotionally intimate with you. And seeing you respond back to it positively makes their connection with you feel even stronger and brings you both closer.

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6. Your partner is always glancing at you when you're in a group

Even when you're with friends or family or in a big circle, the person who is in love with you might still have you on their mind, subconsciously. They might glance at you every now and then or put their hand around you if you're next to them, almost like it's their way of protecting you or keeping a check on you. Without even realizing it, they are trying to assure you and make sure you're comfortable.

7. Your partner holds your hand when you're out

When you're both walking down the street and your partner reaches out for your hand or places their arm around your waist, it shows that they want to have that feeling of closeness with you. It gives them comfort in knowing that you both belong to each other and your partner is subtly taking care of you. It's also a way for your partner to show you off to the world and proudly, but subconsciously say that you both are connected to each other.