Elderly Couples Were Asked To Pose As Newly Engaged Love Birds | The Pictures Are Adorable And Stunning

Elderly Couples Were Asked To Pose As Newly Engaged Love Birds | The Pictures Are Adorable And Stunning

It might have been years since their first kiss but these photos show nothing much has changed except for the greying of hair and wrinkling of the skin.

As couples grow old it becomes a little difficult for them to express their love and romance. Though you might see them holding hands or giving each other a quick peck on the cheek, anything beyond that might not be very comfortable for many elderly couples. However, that does not mean their romance is dead. All they need is somebody to tickle their romantic bone. A photographer based in London has achieved this. Her photographs featuring elderly couples is heartwarming. Not only will it touch your heart but it will also open your eyes to the everlasting love shared by these couples.


According to the Huffington Post, Sujatha Setia takes engagement style photographs featuring elderly couples. “It’s just the pleasant shock of never, ever imagining that someone would ask them to pose like a newly married couple at 80 years old,” said Sujata to Huffington Post. Couples initially find it quite awkward, however, it does not stay too long.


“I tell them to hold hands, kiss. The couples always laugh first, the husbands mostly. And then the shoots are always so full of laughter because both husband and wife are endlessly giggling,” said Sujatha to Huffington Post. Once they are free of their initial shyness, couples become their authentic selves celebrating their love for each other in front of the camera.



"The love, the bond that these couples share is indescribable. I almost never ever have to pose them. The love, the way they hold each other’s hands, the way they kiss, it is all so real," said the photographer to Metro.


She recalled a time when she had to ask a couple to stop kissing so she could carry on with other shots. “The weather was ridiculous that day. There was rain and thunderstorms and the couple was freezing but the lady would not stop kissing her husband. I had to literally shout, ‘Mary, will you stop kissing your husband. I need to take different shots!’”


Sujata Setia travels around the world organizing photography workshops for students. The woman who entered the profession after taking up photography as a hobby realized it would be wonderful to capture elderly couples. "I started photographing elderlies a year ago. Slowly this subject became a passion for me. I spent all of last year photographing elderlies with their grand and great-grandchildren and that led to me photographing elderly couples as well," said Sujata to Metro.


Soon she went around asking couples if they would become her models. "It has been an incredible experience. I am literally walking around in public places with my blinkers on, looking for elderly couples and handing them my business card, in case they would love for me to gift them a photoshoot," said Sujata to Metro. She said that though her requests usually give them an initial shock many willingly took a chance with the photoshoot. The result was sweet and mind-blowing romantic moments captured in Sujatha's light-filled, painterly style. The photos of these couples will show you love never fades or dies with age or time.