Photographer Captures The Adorable Moment A Ground Squirrel Stops To Smell The Flowers, Quite Literally

Photographer Captures The Adorable Moment A Ground Squirrel Stops To Smell The Flowers, Quite Literally

A photographer captured images of a ground squirrel trying to pick out the tastiest flower. The photographs have truely captivated people across the internet.

Humans have occupied this planet for a while now. We may know a lot of secrets that Mother Nature holds close to her heart, but she never gives up all of them.  Every now and then, she surprises us with a new awe-inspiring sight. There is always something to see and experience that our naked eyes failed to capture in the past. One such mesmerizing moment was captured by a photographer from the Netherlands.

According to Fox News, Dick van Duijn captured adorable pictures of a ground squirrel smelling flowers to find the tastiest of the bunch. The little creature that tested one flower after another was photographed in Vienna, Austria.


The images showed the little squirrel reaching out for the flowers and smelling it to find the right one. After several flowers, the rodent seemed to look very impressed by a yellow daisy.


The photos of the inquisitive ground squirrel were captured after a 2-hour struggle. The creature was seen holding the flower close to its face with its eyes closed. "This curious ground squirrel started smelling and tasting the flower. I was really happy after capturing a photo like this," said the 34-year-old photographer to Fox News.

After what looked like a sniffing session, the creature leaned on to the flower to get a quick bite of the flower.


While all the images are equally captivating, the squirrel inhaling the aroma of the daisy with its eyes closed is particularly appealing. "I went to Austria especially to photograph the ground squirrels. It was great to witness this, and very satisfying," said Duijn. The photographer said that he took about 200 different shots to get the right moment on camera.


Posting the images on Facebook, the photographer said he had been waiting long to photograph these little creatures. "This funny, curious and acrobatic gophers were already on my photography list for a whole time," wrote Duijn.

The images of the curious squirrel have managed to melt the hearts of several people on the internet. Many have shared the photos on Facebook and Twitter describing it as cute and amazing. "How cute is this?" wrote one while others applauded the timing of the photographer. Another Twitter user has even called the squirrel, "picky".


The species that are close to extinction is protected under the law and is under conservation in Austria. It is usually found in south-eastern Europe