5 Ways Your Strong Personality Is Attracting Toxic People Into Your Life

5 Ways Your Strong Personality Is Attracting Toxic People Into Your Life

It is impossible to avoid toxic people from our daily lives. However, it is easier to understand why we have them around. Understanding this will help us to be better prepared the next time we encounter a toxic person.

The type of people we meet and engage with are not always under our control. We meet people from all walks of life having different problems and expectations. While some of them bring a smile to our face, others can put us into deep thoughts. Not often do we realize that some of these people may be present in our lives only to do more harm than good.

Here are five positive qualities that might attract toxic people into be part of your life.

1. When your honesty attracts negativity

If you're honest about your ideas, decisions and plans for a future, the toxic people in your life would be quick to talk about why or how it may fail. And this can be anyone, your spouse, a sibling, a parent or even a friend. But if they're more focused on the disadvantages and risks and completely ignore the possibilities of success altogether, it's time to take a step back.

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This may be something you're already aware of. People who are honest about how they feel and think are often either met with severe criticism or subtle manipulation. Anyone who knows you would know that you're an open book and the ones with a toxic mindset wouldn't think twice before using that against you.

However, it is also important to remember that even the people who truly do care about you can inject negativity into your life, unintentional though it may be. For all you know, they may be trying to help you by sharing their point of view, but if it is exceedingly negative and makes you question your choices every step of the way, it may not be the best sign of a healthy relationship.

2. You're non-judgemental which attracts manipulative behavior

You often give the other person the benefit of the doubt even in a negative situation because more often than not, you believe the best in people unless they give you a strong reason not to. You may think you're surrounded by people who would do you no harm, but the few who do see your innocent view of the world and want to take advantage of it would resort to manipulative behavior.

You are not fast to judge because judging a book by its cover is not something you do. And while this is an admirable quality, it could also result in you investing a lot into people and relationship that don't deserve your time.

3. You're generous with your time which attracts opportunists

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You are a person who believes in the importance of maintaining good relationships and friendships. You make sure that you give your time to people, to engage and meet them. However, this good attribute of yours can be taken advantage by other people who wouldn't think twice before using your time to their advantage. And this is why establishing strong boundaries in every relationship, be it family or friendship can be helpful to avoid toxic people.

4. You are easygoing

You attract a lot of people with your flamboyant personality. You stand out in a crowd and people are automatically drawn to your cheerful, easygoing personality. You effortlessly make friends and acquaintances. Though this is a great personality trait, you may be negatively affected by this. Toxic people who think you won't doubt will easily get into your circle. They will try to control and manipulate you for their selfish gains. Your good nature might keep you from understanding it sooner. 

5. You are a good listener

There's nothing more comforting than a listening ear when all you want to do is just vent out. And more often than not, you're the shoulder to cry on for your friends who are going through a rough time. You value people and hence never say no to a person who wants to talk.

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While being a good listener is an admirable quality, not every time does it work out in your favor. You might come across people who go on and on about themselves and will fail to ask how you're doing. You may even end up in a situation where you have to lend your ear to something you disagree.