3 Mass Shootings In Less Than 24 Hours Leaves The Nation Reeling In Grief | Our Prayers Are With The Victims & Their Families

3 Mass Shootings In Less Than 24 Hours Leaves The Nation Reeling In Grief | Our Prayers Are With The Victims & Their Families

America saw three mass shootings in the span of two days, killing and injuring many. People across the country are in fear and shock.

The sound of bullets and the cries of helpless people left the country in shock and sorrow. With three mass shootings and deaths of several people, The United States of America experienced one of the darkest weekends in history. While some people are mourning the deaths of their loved ones, others are lost in the misery of not knowing if their dear one is alive or not.

Many of those not affected by the incidents directly are at a loss for words at the sheer ease with which the violence was unleashed in three different cities in less than 24 hours. Three different armed terrorists opened fire on innocent civilians at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, in downtown Dayton, Ohio, and in Chicago, Illinois.


According to CNN, at least 20 people lost their lives in the first shooting that occurred in El Paso on 3 August 2019  around 10:30 AM at a Walmart store near the Cielo Vista Mall. More than 2 dozen people are reported to be injured, as per the latest data. The gunman identified as 21-year-old Patrick Crusius opened fire at innocent shoppers and workers that included people across ages and different walks of life. People were seen running and hiding behind racks of clothes and merchandise trying to save themselves from being shot.

The frightened people also ran to nearby stores for help. "We never thought it would be so close to us this time. You see on the news all the time, but you don't think it could happen here until it does," said Oscar Collazo, Landry's Seafood House, the restaurant manager who sheltered three Walmart employees who ran from the scene. Injured people were seen lying on the ground outside Walmart with their dear ones helplessly shouting for CPR trying to save them.


The police have managed to publicly identify some of the victims. Jordan Anchondo, aged 24, along with her husband Andre Anchondo, 23, were among the ones who have been shot dead. The young mother of three was killed as she was trying to save the life of her 2-month-old son. "The baby still had her blood on him. You watch these things and see these things and you never think this is going to happen to your family. How do parents go school shopping and then die shielding their baby from bullets?" said Liz Terry, the aunt of the victim to CNN.


Arturo Benavides, a 60-year-old veteran was also among those who died. Several families are seeking information on missing family members. While the news of the attack was spreading fear in the rest of the country, another attack took place 13 hours later in Dayton, Ohio leading to more bloodshed.


As per reports, the second mass shooting occurred in the early hours of  4 August 2019 at a busy nightlife area in Dayton known as the Oregon District. The shooting occurred at around 1:22 AM and lasted less than a minute according to authorities. However, the shooter who was killed by police managed to take the lives of nine people and injure around 26 others. Though the area full of bars and restaurants hosts thousands of people on Saturday nights, the death toll was controlled due to the presence of police in the district during the time of the attack.

The attack has left people heartbroken in the area with relatives of victims demanding change. “All they were doing was enjoying a night on the town, and they’re dead. Never to come home again, never to see their family again. They’re gone,” said Damon Davenport Jr who lost two of his dearest cousins in the shooting. Mass shootings won’t stop unless “we change as people. Thoughts and prayers? They’re OK. But that’s not gonna take the pain away from me losing my first cousin,” said the man to CNN


However, Dayton shooting was not the last. Chicago saw two mass shooting incidents just hours ago killing at least three people and wounding about 40, according to Chicago CBS. According to witnesses, cars pulled up and opened fire at people in Keeler Avenue at 3:40 AM and 1:20 AM in Roosevelt Road and Francisco Avenue on 4 August 2019. 

The three incidents across the country were condemned by many leaders, celebrities and people worldwide. Many have taken to social media to express their condolences and support to the families of those who have lost their lives.

According to USA Today, 251 mass shooting incidents have occurred in the country in less than 7 months. These incidents have instilled fear in the lives of people, irrespective of age, race or even gender. Such incidents make one think twice before going to the supermarket, sending one's child to school or even going for a walk in the evening. It has forced everyone to look out for bullets in their everyday lives. Every moment seems like it could be the last.Our hearts go out to especially those who went through these ordeals, in the last two days, last year or anytime in history. No one deserves to live in such fear and we hope and pray these incidents will stop one day.