Bizarre: People On The Internet Are Bathing In Ramen Noodles And It's The Weirdest Trend Right Now

Bizarre: People On The Internet Are Bathing In Ramen Noodles And It's The Weirdest Trend Right Now

Ramen baths are said to boost metabolism and improve skin quality.

Bizarre trends are not new on the Internet. Every day, there is something that goes viral and captures the attention of millions of people around the globe. The latest fad taking over the beauty world is the ramen baths. Yes, you heard that right. Not Roman baths but ramen baths. 

Numerous videos and pictures of people in tubs full of ramen are taking the internet by storm. However, the trend is not limited to the internet.  According to Time, a spa in Japan is actually offering ramen noodle bath to their patrons. 


According to Tokyo Treat, Yunessan Spa House in Hakone, a place located 1.5 hours from Tokyo is the spa that gives their customers the unique experience of enjoying some time in a ramen tub.


Even their tubs are bowel shaped to provide people with the complete experience. Children, as well as adults, can sit and relax in the tub that is filled with ramen pork broth and synthetic noodles. While it might seem like just another entertaining, fun, and crazy activity, the spa claims that the bath has some benefits. 


They say that the broth can do wonders to your skin due to the presence of collagen. Moreover, it can boost metabolism. "Lately people are very concerned about having beautiful skin, and they know the effect of collagen, which is contained in our pork-based broth. At this bath, everybody can have fun and take advantage of the healthy elements of ramen noodles," said Spa Owner Ichiro Furuya, according to Time


Meanwhile, the internet is flooded with memes and discussions on the new trend. "Apparently putting ramen in your bath tub is a thing, and you have to option to eat it... Sounds like a lunch idea," wrote one. Another who tagged her friends wrote, "Ok plz tell me you didn’t do this." One commented, "I'd noodle little time to get used to this idea."



Some, on the other hand,  were disgusted by the idea. One wrote, "What's wrong with the world, really?! Argh.. Eewww." However, another person stated that they preferred beef broth instead of pork. A few were concerned about the temperature of these baths. 

Undoubtedly, the internet is divided about this idea.