People are Struggling To Solve This Fun Puzzle! Can You Spot the Bee?

People are Struggling To Solve This Fun Puzzle! Can You Spot the Bee?

This interesting puzzle will be a great way to engage in some fun family time.

Sitting at home with your family during these quarantine days is not complete without some fun board games, puzzles, and a lot of snacks. If you think you are tired of already playing games and solving puzzles available at home, you might want to engage in some new brain-teasers. One such interesting puzzle is out and everyone is cracking their heads.

According to Country Living, an optical illusion created by the Swift Direct Blinds is the talk of the town. You can win the puzzle if you manage to find the bee that is hidden among the colorful flora.

However, the illusion is not just a game. The puzzle was created to raise awareness about the role of bees in the ecosystem. The founders aim to make people understand the contributions of bees in sustaining the environment and the greenery we enjoy. With the rise in pesticide use, diseases, and habitat loss, there is a serious decline in the bee population. This decline can lead to improper functioning of the ecosystem. Therefore, the creators of the company urged the public to preserve the bees. 

Source: Swift Direct Blinds 


"Bees are considered the most important group of insects as far as pollination of plants is concerned. Pollinators have a huge impact on the crops produced by the agriculture industry throughout the world," stated Alan Read, founder of environmental services business AMES Group to Country Living.

He further added, "Crops such as apple, alfalfa, berries. cantaloupes, broccoli, rapeseed oilseed, almonds, cotton, etc. are all bee-pollinated, and were it not for bee’s production, such crops would be severely diminished. 30% percent of cultivated crops and around 90% of wild plants are pollinated by honeybees," according to Country Living. 

Meanwhile, if you still haven't figured out the position of the bee. Here is your answer: The bee is located in the bottom right quarter of the square image towards the middle.

Source: Swift Direct Blinds


The creators are very thrilled to have a puzzle linked to such an important cause. "Brainteasers and optical illusions are always a hit around the office and to be able to tie in with such an important cause is great. The hidden bee has really stumped a lot of people! We hope the blind generates some fun and a talking point among people and raises some awareness at the same time," said David Roebuck, Managing Director at Swift Blinds Direct. 

Source: Swift Direct Blinds

In the past, many other companies have released such brain teasers. During Christmas, Canine Cottages, a service, which provides dog-friendly houses for travelers and pet owners across the UK released a holiday-themed puzzle. People were asked to find a furry dog among polar bears wearing adorable hats.  

"Adorable little Frenchie Pierre has joined his humans on a trip to the North Pole to visit Santa Paws, but got distracted by the hundreds of polar bears having a Christmas party in the Arctic! After deciding to join in with the fun and make some new furry friends, he’s got lost in the crowd - and it’s up to you to find him," stated the website. The puzzle a lot of people and the company stated that one should only take an average time of 2 minutes and 49 seconds to spot the hidden fury animal. 

There are several other puzzles and brain teasers available online for people who want to make the most out of their free time. It is not just a way to get away from boredom and exercise your brain but it is a great way to interact with your children and grandchildren, who are stuck to their mobile and television screens. Though they might complain, they will surely enjoy the activity.