People Are Struggling To Spot The Hidden Bobcat In This Photo. Can You Find It?

People Are Struggling To Spot The Hidden Bobcat In This Photo. Can You Find It?

Ever since the New York State Department of Conservation posted this photo, people have been going nuts trying to find the bobcat.

In the constant blur of life, finding something that presents a challenge is interesting to a lot of people. And this latest photo that has been doing the rounds online has left people scratching their heads and working hard to solve it. The picture was shared by the New York State Department of Conservation and posted on their page, according to Geek.com

The department asked viewers to look at the picture and spot a certain animal - a bobcat. They stated the post that sometimes one "needs to stop and look closer." And it certainly hasn't been easy.

At first glance, it just seems to be a picture of a patch of the ground completely covered with brown leaves and dead branches. So you might think that it's just a joke and there isn't actually the feline in the picture. But why don't you take a look and see if you can spot the cat:


Didn't find it? Don't lose heart. Many of the people who saw this picture couldn't find it either. For those lucky ones who did manage to spot the bobcat kitten amongst the pile of dried leaves, it must've taken you quite a bit of time. If not, then you must be extremely alert and observant because an animal's ability to camouflage can be incredible. After all, it's second nature to them.

If you gave up, we'll make it a bit easier for you. The little bobcat is towards the bottom of the picture in the left corner. You might have to zoom in a bit but once you find the eyes, you will find it hard to miss it.

If you still didn't get it, that's okay. We've got you covered. Here is the picture that highlights the location of the animal. Surprised right?


Quite a few people who attempted this "Where's Waldo" style challenge commented that they had almost instantly given up. One user by the name of Brian Knowles commented, "I have no idea where the bobcat is. I’ll take your word for it. Ha ha." One more person, Richard Fleming, wrote, "I am not able to locate the kitten."

There were some others who didn't give up and were able to spot the cat or at least have someone else discover the well-hidden kitten. Phyllis Murphy commented, "I couldn't see her for the life of me until someone pointed her out. Wow."


Michelle Metras Cardella was a lucky one who managed to find her and she said, "Once you see her you can't not see her. Love this."

When the department put up this post, it wasn't because they wanted to raise awareness for the species as there is no shortage of it. Rather, they just wanted to point out just rare it is to spot them. "Though elusive and rarely seen by humans, bobcats are abundant in North America with populations as high as one million cats in the U.S. alone."

Well, it was a delightful challenge to take up and was a way to see a bobcat's prowess from the safety of their electronic device.