16 September, 2019

Bride Makes Quite The Entrance By Arriving Over An Hour Late In A POLICE Car To Her Own Wedding

Binitha Jacob

Husband Stands On Flight For SIX HOURS So That Wife Can Sleep | Image Goes Viral & Divides The Internet

Groomsman Plays Funny Revenge Gag On Sibling Groom For A Childhood Prank, Ends Up Making Bride Cry

Controlling Mother-In-law Threatens To Cut Off Wedding Funds, Unless Bride Signs 1 Grandkid Only Contract

Blind Dad Carried 24YO Disabled Son On His Shoulders Through Chin-High Water To Safety, As Hurrican Dorian Raged On

After Young Kid Is Bullied To Tears For Homemade College T-Shirt, University Of Tennessee Makes It Their Official Tee

Single Mom With No Limbs Learnt To Bring Up Her Son All By Herself, Only To Lose Him Forever Later


9 September, 2019

1-YO Brave Pitbull Fights Off A SHARK After His Master Gets Attacked While Fishing

Varsha B

Father Grieving Son's Sudden Death Shares Heart-Wrenching Message On Why Spending More Time With Family Is Important

Woman Gifts Husband A DNA Test Kit For His Birthday | The Results Left Her Marriage "In Tatters"

Insensitive Cousin Demands New Mother Pay Up $2,200 For Her "Ruined" Blouse After Her Baby Throws Up On It

Young Couple Ready To Spend Their Life Together Die In A Car Crash, Minutes After Their Wedding

Nine-Day Old Baby Dolphin Separated From Its Mommy Dies After It's Forced To Perform Tricks

Dad With Terminal Cancer In Tears When Paramedics Stop So That He Can See His Family's Favorite Beach One Last Time


5 September, 2019

Man Convinces Helpless Elderly Woman With Alzheimer's She Owed Him Money, Drives Her To Bank So She Can Pay Him

Binitha Jacob

Pastor & Wife Adopt Two Baby Brothers After They Were Found Amid Trash Bags In Nothing But Diapers Outside Church

Mother Forced To Sit On Train's Dirty Floor & Feed Baby Because Selfish Co-Passengers Refused To Budge

Maid Of Honor Was Told That She Could Wear "Anything" To Her Sister's Wedding, So She Showed Up As A T-Rex

Bride Asks Cancer Survivor Friend To Step Down As Bridesmaid | She Didn't Want Pictures "With Someone With A Bald Head"

Woman Who Can't Walk And Man Who Can't See Team Up To Help Each Other Explore The World Together

Couple Scams Public Of Money After Faking Pregnancy And Claiming They Lost Their Newborn Hours After Birth