25 November, 2022

Dad Throws His Body in Front of a Bull to Protect His Son at Texas Rodeo

Vani Khokar

Man Falls in Love With His Ex-Wife’s Sister and Asks for Advice | “I Could Really Use Your Help”

Employee Joyously Dances To Manager’s Voicemail After Ditching Work | “Hated Working There So Very Much”

Employee Quits After Boss Demands to Cover Shifts While Refusing to Cancel Their Own Vacation

Police Officer And Wife, Parents Of 2 Boys, Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer | "It's Pretty Much Lottery Odds"

Employee Calls Out Company For Asking Staff To Pay $30 Each For Corporate Christmas Party | "I'd Be Busy That Night"

Mom Dies While Saving Baby Daughter by Pushing The Pram Away Out of the Way of Oncoming Lorry


25 November, 2022

21-Year-Old Kenyan Woman Marries 61-Year-Old American Man | "When You Love Someone, Age Doesn't Matter"

Rima Biswas

Loving Husband Dies In House Fire Beside His Wife After Refusing Chance to Escape | "I’m Not Leaving My Wife"

A 25-YO Man Is Marrying an 85-YO Woman With 8 Kids: "This Is My Choice, This Is My Happiness"

Father Who Killed 2-Day-Old Daughter Because She Was Crying Was Found Dead in His Prison Cell

Employee Quits Job on the Spot After Boss Issues an Ultimatum to Work on Their Time Off

Family Unable To 'Afford Christmas' As Mom Of Five Dies On Daughter's Birthday | "Donna, Mummy Is Gonna Pass Away"

Grandparents Welcomed 100th Grandchild Into Their Family After 60 Years Together | "The More the Merrier”


24 November, 2022

Daughter Chopped Off a Part of Her Dad’s Ear After He Confiscated Her Phone | He Was Shaken: "She Is My Baby Girl"

Rima Biswas

Woman Battling Cancer Told To "Man Up" And Accused Of Playing The "C" Card By Her Mean & Insensitive Friends

5-YO Girl & 1-YO Brother Were Alone At Home For 3 Days While Their Parents Lay Dead In Bed From Eating Poisoned Pickles

Autistic Girl Bullied In School Has Higher IQ Than Einstein And Is Now Completing 2 Degrees In Engineering

Grandparents Killed in Plane Crash on Their Way to Visit Family for Thanksgiving

Parents Lost Their Lives In A Span Of Four Weeks Leaving Behind Two Kids | "Losing Both Parents Is Beyond Devastating"

Mother Arrested On Charges Of Son's Murder After His Remains were Recovered | "Deeply Saddened By This Case"