16 November, 2019

Man Who Thought He'll Never See His Family Again Collapses To The Floor After Seeing Them For The First Time In Years

Binitha Jacob

Cop Running A Marathon To Propose To His Girlfriend At Finish Line Stops Abruptly For Another Woman

Constantly Humiliated For Her Weight, Woman Gets Ditched By Friends After Stunning Transformation From 266lbs to 140lbs

Grieving Mom Decorates Son's Grave to Honor His Love For Halloween, Cemetry Committee Calls Her "Insensitive" & Trashes It

Mom Instinctively Identifies Stranger Who Received Her Late Son's Heart, Hugs Him to Feel Her Son's Heartbeat One More Time

Dog Learns 29 Words Using A Custom Soundboard To "Speak" To Her Owner And It's Amazing To Watch

Mother Wears A White, Lacy Dress To Her OWN Daughter's Wedding, Much To The Bride's Embarrassment


8 November, 2019

Parents Make The Most Of Precious Few Moments With Newborn While Preparing For His Funeral After Heartbreaking News

Varsha B

Woman Loses A Whopping 144 Pounds Because She Didn't Want To Be "An Embarrassment" For Her Husband

Grandpa Goes Furniture Shopping With His Dog To Make Sure The Chair He Picks Is Comfortable for BOTH Of Them

Cancer-Stricken Father Fights For Life Long Enough To See His Newborn For The First And Last Time

Bride With No Job Wants Fiancé To Get Two Jobs So She Can Have A "Dream Wedding" Which Costs An Extravagant $80,000

Mom Went Into Coma After Labor | When Her Newborn Triplets Were Layed On Her, Her Eyes Shed Tears For The Kids She'll Never Meet

Dog Lies Over Grandmother's Grave And Weeps Inconsolably As He Mourns Her Death


5 November, 2019

Wife Loses Her Memory When Giving Birth To Son, So Husband Writes A Book To Help Her Remember Their Life Together

Varsha B

11YO Dies Of Rare Cancer Just A Week After Parents Celebrate Christmas Early So He Could Enjoy It One Last Time

Newborn Starts Breathing Again After Devastated Mom Hugs & Keeps Him Close To Her Heart For Two Hours

Heartbroken Girls Do A Father-Daughter Dance With Dying Dad Knowing He Wouldn't Be There When They Get Married

After Losing Their Child To Cancer, Devastated Parents Make The Heartbreaking Decision To Join Him In Heaven

Adorable Little Boy Goes Up To Police Officers To Pray With Them So God Protects Them While They're "Busy Protecting People"

Court Orders Woman To Pay Cheating Husband $7,500 After He Abandons Her & Kids | She Gets Revenge By Showing What He Deserves