18 September, 2020

Distraught Bride Takes Emotional Pictures To Honor Her Late Fiancé In Her Gown | "I...Wanted Him To See Me In My Dress"

Varsha B

Father Gets Full Custody Of 9YO After She Was Abused By Her Mom's Boyfriend & Cried Out "Help Me!" In A Viral Video

People Are Made To Dig Graves For Pandemic Victims When They Refuse To Wear Masks | "A Deterrent Effect Against Violations"

Grieving Daughter Collapses & Dies As She Watched Her Mother's Lifeless Body Being Lowered To The Ground At Her Funeral

Sister-In-Law Shames Breast Cancer Survivor Mother For Not Wearing Her Breasts To Child's Soccer Practice

Father Never Saw His Newborn As He Was Killed In Beirut Blast While Working Hard For His Family | His Baby Won't Know His Face

Firefighter Loses Wife & All His Three Children In House Fire Accident While He Was Away On Duty Saving Lives


7 September, 2020

Mother of 3 Left With Severe Burns After Her Hands Caught Fire & Hand Sanitizer Bottle Exploded Like A Bomb | She's Now In ICU

Varsha B

Woman Sensed Something Fishy About Partner | She Follows Him Home To Find Him Greeted By Wife & Daughter | "I Felt Traumatized"

Groom Asks For Advice On "Selfish" Bride Who Refuses To Allow His Sister With Special Needs Attend Their Wedding

"World's Loneliest Elephant" That Spent 35 Years Chained In A Small Enclosure Is Finally Released Into A New Open Home

Father Told His Newborn Is "Perfect" Later Finds Out His Wife Had A Stillbirth | "Evelyn Was Never Alive"

Husband Blames His Wife For Being Pregnant With A Girl Because He "Would Prefer A Son Over A Daughter"

Pregnant Bride Who Lost Her Home To Hurrican Laura Scammed By Best Friend Who Planned Their Wedding & Left With All The Money


4 September, 2020

Woody Allen Fell In Love With 35 Years Younger Adopted Daughter Of His Partner | Claimed He Was Being "Paternal" To Her

Varsha B

Woman Cuts Off From Homeless Sister-In-Law Who Lost Her Baby Saying "I Don't Care About Your Life..That Your Baby Died"

Couple Celebrate Their 6-Decade Relationship With An Adorable Photoshoot In Their Wedding Outfits | See Pictures Inside

Grief-stricken Dad Left Helpless After 3-YO Awaits Her Mom, Who Died Of Coronavirus, After Losing Baby 3 Days Before

Woman Shocked As Long-Distance Boyfriend Died & His Orbituary Said That He Had A Fiance: "My Mind Blown, My World Shook"

Brave Nurses Drove To Hurricane-Hit Louisiana To Save Newborns in NICU | "Our Job Is To Love & Support Babies & Families"

Mom Forced By Her Abusive & Controlling Partner To Get 9 Tattoos Of His Name "So No One Else Would Want Her"