22 July, 2019

3-YO Girl Who Suffered From Heart Attack Asked To Pick A Parent During Their Separation

Varsha B

Bedridden Obese Woman Lost Whopping 596lbs Just To Become "A Proper Mother" For Her 5 Kids

86-YO Widow Who Saved Pennies Week After Week Was Stripped Of £28,000 By Council For "Saving Too Much"

Devastated Dad Who Wished To Walk His Daughter Down The Aisle, Had To Push Her White Coffin Instead

Dozens Of Beachgoers Drop Everything And Form Human Chain To Save Swimmers Trapped In Rough Currents, Shows Video

20YO With Second & Third Degree Burns After Saving Niece From Burning House Says, "I’d Do It Again"

8 Months And Heavily Pregnant, This Woman Responds To Man Asking Why She's "Getting So Fat"


11 July, 2019

Little 4-YO Boy Begged His Great Grandma To Not Let His Birth Parents Take Him Away Before His Suspicious Death

Binitha Jacob

Heartbroken Bride-To-Be Forced To Plan Groom's Funeral On The Day They Were Supposed To Get Married

"Pawpaw sat and ate with mawmaw": Grandpa Eats Dinner Alone By Late Wife's Memorial At Granddaughter's Wedding

Devastated Mom Cries Out In Anguish After Baby Girl Fell 150 Feet To Her Death On A Cruise Ship

Heartbroken Mum Who Cried Herself To Sleep After Son's Death Wakes Up To Find Her Other Boy Has Passed Away

Clueless Grandad Brings Leftover Cake From Grandson's 18th B'day For Nurses, Unaware That It Has Weed

Groom Walks Away From Bride Waiting To Exchange Vows At The Altar, To Talk To Another Girl


6 July, 2019

Woman Diagnosed With Early Menopause At Just 27 Gives Birth To Two Miracle Babies

Varsha B

Butterflies Released As Touching Tribute To Deceased Daughter Cling To Mom & Dad Through Son's Wedding

Dad Spots Shark Swimming Toward His Kids In Drone Camera | The Images Will Make Your Heart Race

Hospital Asks Sisters To Take Brother Off Life Support Only To Find Out They Signed Off On The Death Of A Stranger

12-YO Boy Dies Of Asthma Attack After School Locked Up His Life-Saving Asthma Inhaler

Bride Left Fuming After Bridesmaid Announces She's Engaged At The Wedding | How She Got Her Revenge Is Epic

Baby Girl Abandoned In Plastic Bag In The Forest Now Has Over A 1000 People Wanting To Give Her A Home