22 September, 2021

Woman's Gynecologist Of 9 Yrs Turns Out To Be Her Biological Father. He Impregnated Her Mom Without Consent: Lawsuit

Shruti Menon

Girl With Extremely Rare 'Uncombable Hair Syndrome' Rocks Her Unique Look

Doctor Who Performed An Abortion Despite State Laws Says He Won't Stop Even If He Gets Sued For $10K

Mother Shares Photos Of Son's Body Rashes To Warn Parents Of The Dangers Kids Face At Parks & Playgrounds

"My Ex-Boyfriend Told Me He’s Been Raping Me In My Sleep After I Took Ambien And It’s Happened Over 30 Times"

Woman Stops Doing Chores, Waits To See How Long Her Family Lasts Until They Do It Themselves

Woman Dressed As Nun Appears To Be Dancing With Skeleton Outside Graveyard


14 September, 2021

Dad Shocked After His Swimming Trunks Dissolve In The Pool Thanks To Wife's Hilarious Prank

Shruti Menon

Couple Die Of COVID Just Weeks Apart And Leave Behind 5 Kids Including Newborn Baby

Heroic Blind Man Saves His Mom From Basement During Ida Flooding: "He Went By My Voice "

After DNA Test, Woman Shockingly Learns She And Baby Were Switched At Birth Nearly 20 Years Ago

Women Are Sending Racy Letters To Chris Watts, Who Is In Prison For Killing Pregnant Wife And Kids

24-Year-Old Woman Has Over 20 Babies And Wants To Have Even More

Two Sisters Who Were In The Pentagon Daycare Center On 9/11 Now Serve In U.S. Military: 'Pay It Forward'


10 September, 2021

9/11 Widow Remembers Husband Who Left Final Voice Message Minutes Before Dying

Shruti Menon

Son Shaves His Own Head Because He Didn't Want His Cancer-Stricken Mom To Feel Alone

Man Leaves Creepy Note Signed Along With $1,000 Tip For Waitress, Says "Beautiful Nippl*s Princess"

Woman Claims She Was Kicked Off Flight For Wearing A Crop Top

Father Kills His Close Friend After Finding Out He Raped His 8-Yr-Old Daughter, But Now He Could Face Charges

Examiners Penalize Med Student For "The Most Inappropriate Dress They Had Ever Seen"

Bride Surprises Guests As She Holds Bouquet Made Of Donuts: "Different, Fun, And Light-Hearted"