25 October, 2020

12YO Girl Dies From Heart Attack After Neglectful Parents Let Her Suffer From Severe Lice Infestation For Years

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Newborn Found Abandoned In Pizza Box With A Devastating Note About His Mother | "I Hope He Has A Better Life"

Pope Francis Supports Civil Union Of Same-Sex Couples, Says "They're Children Of God And Have A Right To A Family"

Cruel 25-Year-Old Mother Puts Her Week-Old Baby On Sale Just So She Could Buy A Pair Of Boots

Infant Found Alive In Dead Mother's Lifeless Arms|She Cradled Him to Protect Him During Plane Crash That Killed Her

Traitorous Mom Married Son-In-Law While Her Daughter Was Battling To Stay Alive | "I Can't Call Her Mother Anymore"

Parents Shattered After Speeding Car Driven by A Socialite Killed Their 2 Sons In Front Of Their Eyes


16 October, 2020

Grandpa Pleads Guilty in Baby's 150 Feet Fatal Fall From Cruise |"It’s Pouring Salt In Their Open Wounds" Says Lawyer

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Heartless Mother Left Her Newborn To Starve In Her Wardrobe Because She Didn't Have The "Heart To Kill" Her

Cruel Couple Denied Food & Water To 8-YO Child & Forced Her To Jump On A Trampoline Continuously In 103 Degree Heat

26-Year-Old Shoots His Terrifying Encounter With A Cougar & Said "I Don’t Feel Like Dying Today" | Watch Video Inside

Infant Was Born In A Bathtub & Thrown Out Of The Window With Umbilical Cord Intact | But Baby Survives Miraculously

Dad Chose Not To Give Up Newborn With Down Syndrome & Took Care Of Him ALL ALONE After Wife Refused To Care For Baby

8-YO Abandoned Helplessly By His Mom At Fuel Station With Nothing But A Note That Said He Was Too Naughty


13 October, 2020

Madeleine McCann's Abduction Case Suspect, Who Was Found After 13 Years, Is Innocent, Claims Suspect's Lawyer

Varsha B

3-YO Girl Left Scared After Neighbors Trash Her Birthday Party|One Of The Overturned Tables Hit Mom's Pregnant Belly

Helpless 8-YO Cuddled & Slept Next To Lifeless Body Of His Pregnant Mom For Hours Without Realizing She Had Died

Mother of Man Who Didn't Let Cops Smash Locked Car Windows To Rescue His Son Fearing Expenses Says, "My Son Was Not Negligent"

Mom Shattered By Death Of Husband & Kids Broke Down In Tears At Their Funeral Saying "They Were The Best Of Me"

17-year-old Teenager Measuring 6ft 10in Sets New Record For The Longest Legs In The World

Check Out The Chubby Rat That Got Stuck In A Man Hole Cover & Had Entire Crew Of Firefighters Working To Get Him Out