4 October, 2022

40 Years After Crime, Husband Found Guilty Of Killing Wife In 1982 Brighton Ax Murder: "Justice For Cathy"

14-Year-Old Boy Dies In Mother's Hands After He Was Shot While Leaving Football Practice: "I Felt Him Leave"

10-Year-Old Girl Saves Herself From Being Kidnapped By Asking For "Code Word" Her Mother Taught Her | "I Was Scared"

News Anchor Neena Pacholke Sent Chilling Message to Fiance Before Dying By Suicide | They Were Set to Marry In Few Weeks

Firefighter With Terminal Cancer Takes Final Ride Home in Ambulance He Used to Transport Patients: "An Absolute Honor"

63YO Man Found Dead Inside Kettle Cooker at Food Processing Facility | “A Good Man”

Dying Husband & Father Leaves Heartbreaking Final Voice Message To Wife After Fatal Snake Bite


27 September, 2022

3-Yr-Old Shoots Mom Fatally In Front Of Grandmother In Horrific Accident | He Found Unsecured Gun In The House

Boat Captain Accused of Intentionally Cutting Tether In Parasail Accident That Killed Mom | Her Son Yelled For Help

Young Couple Who Purchased Home Find Heartwarming Welcome Note From Previous Owners | "The House is Blessed"

Neighbors Heard 'Screaming And Fighting' Night Before 59YO Woman Died | She Sent Cryptic Message Before Disappearance

56-Year-Old Grandma Is Pregnant With Son's Child After His Wife Had Hysterectomy | “She Is Sacrificing So Much For Us"

Dad Makes Heartbreaking Revelation After 18-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Boy Dies In Car Crash

Man Found Guilty Of Sexually Abusing Three Young Girls In His Care | He Will Now Spend The Rest of His Life In Prison


22 September, 2022

Terminally ill 5-Yr-Old With Weeks to Live Surprised With Early Halloween Parade | “You Could See the Love in His Eyes”

"I Killed My Child": Father Cries In Agony After He Accidentally Runs Over 1-Year-Old Baby Daughter In Driveway

Single Father Fosters And Cares For Terminally Ill Children | "They Feel Safe And Are Loved"

Mom Found Out Her 14-Yr-Old Daughter Died As She Drove Past Accident Scene | "I Was Not There When She Needed Me Most"

Elementary School Teachers Ask Students to Be Their Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Teen Human Trafficking Victim Stabbed Her Rapist to Death, Now She Has to Pay $150K to His Family

38-Year-Old Becomes the First Person With Down Syndrome to Graduate From His College