14 December, 2019

43-YO Son Dresses Up As His 60-YO Mom To Pass The Driving Test For Her After She Fails Thrice

Binitha Jacob

Marathon Runner Smacks Reporter's Butt On Live TV, Leaving Her Horrified | Man Identified As Married And Father Of Two

Teenager Sells His Kidney For The Latest iPad And iPhone Through Illegal Surgery | He's Now Bedridden For Life

Mom Has A Cesarean Birth, Left Astonished To Find That Her Newborn Girl Needed A C-Section Surgery Of Her Own

Cancer-Stricken Wife Gives Up Chemo To Care For Dying Husband | But His Biggest Worry Is "Not Dying But Leaving Her Here"

An Amazon Delivery Guy's Reaction To Finding A Basket Of Goodies Left By A Kind Woman At Her Door Is Pure Bliss

Little Boy Wanted His Entire Kindergarten Class In The Courtroom With Him For Adoption Hearing


8 December, 2019

Grandfather Breaks Down When Admitting He Watched Helplessly As Baby Went Plummeting Down 150 Feet From His Arms

Binitha Jacob

89YO Besties Move Into The Same Care Home After Knowing Each Other For 78 Years: "We’re Going To Be Friends In Heaven"

Husband Surprised Wife With A Giant Decorated Tree Way Before Thanksgiving, Simply Because She LOVES Christmas

Wife Builds A Pub For Husband In Their Backyard To Keep Him From Disappearing To The Local Bar Every Day

Bride Leaves An Empty Chair In Memory Of Late Son But Is Left In Tears After Meeting The Person Who Had Taken The Seat

Son Continues Father's Tradition Of 4 Decades After His Death | Dressed As Santa, He Delivers Thousands Of Gifts To The Poor

Husband Uses Billboards To Show His Wife How Much He Loves Her And Writes What Every Woman Wants To Hear


4 December, 2019

5-YO Terminally Ill Boy Says, "Mummy, I’m So Sorry For This," Hours Before Dying In Her Arms

Varsha B

Starbucks Barista Writes 'Pig' On Cop's Coffee Cups Meant To Be A Reward For Dispatchers Working On Thanksgiving

Grandma Who Accidentally Invited A Stranger To Thanksgiving Dinner 3 Years Ago Reunites With Him For The Fourth Time

School Bus Driver Caught On Video Drinking Beer While Driving 32 Kids To Elementary School

Daycare Teacher Sends A Fat-Shaming Note To Mom Of 5YO Son Saying, "Put Him On A Diet & 'Go Away'"

Savage 82YO Grandma Defended Herself Against Intruder Who Broke Into Her Home, Leaving Him Unable To Move

Food, A Home & "A Nice Doll" Is All This Innocent 7YO Asks For In Her Heartbreaking Letter To Santa, This Year For Christmas