8 August, 2022

12-YO Dies After Being Removed From Life Support | His Family Fought a Long Legal Battle to Keep Him Alive

Wife Who Found Joy With Husband Loses Him to Huntington’s Disease, a Terminal Illness They Were Both Affected by It

6-YO Survived After Being Run Over by 18,000Lbs Bulldozer | His Mom Is Amazed by His Positivity and Strength

14-Year-Old London Boy Falls Off 7th Floor Balcony While Stargazing | "We Are In Despair"

Dad Passes Away Days After Wrong-Way Car Crash Killed 7 Including His Wife And Children

Woman Was Abducted Days After Being Born | She Will Now Walk Down The Aisle With Both Her Fathers

Woman Finds Three-Inch Leech Living In Her Nose For A Month After Returning From Holiday


22 July, 2022

Bride Embraces Her Gray Hair And Refuses To Dye Them On Her Wedding Day | “I Just Wanted To Look Like Me”

Dad With No Arms and Legs Raised Two Daughters on His Own | Their Mom Walked Out When One of Them Was 4-MO

94-YO Veteran Without Family Laid to Rest With Full Honors by High School Seniors | ‘It Was an Honor for Us'

Couple Who Were Married for 73 Years Dies Within Hours of Each Other | It Was Love at First Sight for Them

Bride Accidentally Shot Dead By Groom’s Cousin After Celebratory Gunfire | He Shot Three People Including Her

3-Year-Old Who Once Spent 700 Days in Hospital, Dies | “She Was Missing Left Chamber of Her Heart”

Committed Student Graduates High School Without Missing a Day for 12 Years | He Credits Parents for ‘That Extra Push'


19 July, 2022

Groom Couldn’t ‘Say His Vows’ After His Drink Was Spiked on Wedding Day | Was Done Intentionally to ‘Party Harder'

13-Year-Old Girl Was “Dropped On Her Head” On Playground And Suffered Severe Brain Injury

Family Wants To Send The Ashes Of Their 11-Year-Old Son To Space | “His Whole Room Is Space-Themed”

6-Year-Old With Non-Verbal Autism, Who Went Missing Over The Weekend, Was Found Dead In A Small Pond

86-Year-Old Woman Sets Guinness World Record For Being The Longest And Oldest Serving Flight Attendant

Iowa Lake Closed After Swimmer Was Infected With Brain-Eating Amoeba With 97% Fatality Rate

Boy Survived Vicious Attack by Two Rottweilers Is Called 'Monster' | He Suffered Serious Face Disfigurement