31 May, 2020

Woman Conceived After Struggling 15 Years Only to Lose Husband to Cancer | She Had To Welcome Her Baby All Alone

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George Floyd Who Died After Cop Held Him Down With His Knees Leaves Family Heartbroken And Nation Angry

Wedding Videography Company Mocks Grieving Man After His Fiancée Dies In Car Crash | "We Hope You Cry All Day"

Cruel Mother Abandons Little Daughter On Roadside, Throws Out Her Clothes & Drives Away With Boyfriend

The Weakest Of People Hurt Others On Purpose To Feel Strong

Woman's Genius Hack To Close Cereal Boxes Is Brilliant! You Only Need The Box & Nothing Else

Mother Sends Fake Texts To Husband From "Landlord" For 3 Years Just To Make Him Do Chores At Home


13 May, 2020

Healthcare Worker Arrested For Allegedly Stealing A Credit Card Off A Dying Patient Suffering From Deadly Virus

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Woman Finds Out That Her Husband Of 9 Years Is So Self-Centered He Didn't Even Know Her Parent's Names & Thinks It's Okay

Woman, Diagnosed With Cancer Weeks After Wedding, Dies In Her Sleep, Leaving Husband Heartbroken|"I Will Never Forget You"

Man Wants To Share Lottery Winning With Mom Of His Children, Who He Cheated On|Girlfriend, Who He Cheated With, Throws Fit

Sister Asks Man To Call Off Engagement After Fiancee DEMANDS Bigger Ring, While Friends Call Sister "Nosey" | Who Was Right?

Husband Distraught By News Of His Wife's Death Refuses To Continue Wearing Oxygen Mask & Dies, Just 5 Hours Later

Dying Father Wanted His Son To Have A Good Birthday Even Without Him So He Planned An Amazing Gift


6 May, 2020

Wife Hides The Fact That She Got Sterilized While Husband Tries For A Baby For 13 Years

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Watch The Glorious Sight Of The LAST Super Moon Of 2020 On 7 May

News Anchor Allegedly Caught Cheating On Partner As Mystery Woman Spotted In Live Broadcast From Home

Mom Abandons Husband & Children After Being "Too Overwhelmed" Only To Remarry And Have More Kids In A Little While Later

Man Dies Next To Sleeping Wife With Last Note In His Hands Because He Was DENIED Treatment In 3 Different ERs

Woman's Deadbeat Ex-Husband Demands Her To Give Him State-given Child Support Money, After Refusing To Pay It Himself

Heartbroken Mom & Daughter Forced To Stay With Emotionally Abusive Dad Due To Pandemic-Induced Delay In Divorce