22 October, 2021

Bride Leaves Empty Seat For Late Son, Is Left In Tears When She Sees Who Show Up

Shilpa Das Gupta

Family Honors Late Grandmother At Her Funeral By Displaying All The Quilts She Sewed Over The Years

Single Gay Dad, Just Adopted His Sixth Disabled Child, And He Doesn't Plan On Stopping

9-Months Pregnant Woman Allegedly Raped By Masseur While Getting A Prenatal Massage

Mother Arrested After Abandoning 2-Year-Old Daughter With Strangers At A Hospital

Woman Crashes Her Own Funeral After Husband Paid Hitmen To Kill Her

Bride Attaches Her 1-Month- Old Baby To Wedding Dress And Drags Her Down The Aisle


14 October, 2021

Woman Says She Went Blind After Getting Eyeballs Tattooed Black

Shruti Menon

Mom Loves Eating 200g Of Baby Talcum Powder A Day And Has Spent Over $10,000 On It

81-Year-Old With Dementia Fulfills Lifelong Dream Of Conducting A Symphony Orchestra: ‘It Was Magical’

Little Girl Asks Divorced Parents To Get Together In Heartbreaking Video: 'I want you to be friends'

Police Arrested Semi-Nude Woman For Masturbating In Public "With Her Legs Straight Up In The Air And Spread Open"

Bullied For Being "Weird" 9YO Girl With Asperger’s Has An IQ Higher Than Albert Einstein & Stephen Hawking

Heroic Mom Jumps Into A Manhole To Save 2Yo Son: "I Don't Think Any Mother Would Have Waited"


13 October, 2021

Daughter's Reassuring Message On Whiteboard For Mom With Dementia Is Melting Hearts

Shilpa Das Gupta

Pregnant Bride Collapses And Dies Just Moments Before Reaching The Altar, Leaves Her Shattered Groom A Single Dad

Teen With Down Syndrome Left Out Of Cheerleading Team's Yearbook Photo, Sparks Outrage

Mom Puts Up Billboard To Warn Others After Her 22-Year-Old Daughter Dies Due To Fentanyl-Laced Pill

Woman Marries Her Boyfriend's Father To Cheer Him Up After His Mother Passed Away

Student In Leg Brace Was Forced To Change Out Of Her Shorts As It Violated The School Dress Code

Premature Twin Makes Miraculous Recovery; Parents Say It's Due To Unbreakable Bond With Brother