30 July, 2021

This Mom Has Been Living In The ICU For Days, Praying That Her Teen Daughter Survives COVID-19

Shilpa Das Gupta

Bride Cancels Engagement Photoshoot To Take Beautiful "First Dance" Photos With Her Dying Dad Instead

2-Year-Old Boy And His 99-Year-Old Neighbor Develop An "Incredibly Strong Bond" Amid Pandemic

Man Allegedly Left Disabled Wife Trapped in Truck For 5 Days, Refused To Take Her To Hospital

Alabama Mom Loses Her 28-Year-Old Son To COVID-19. Not Getting The Vaccine Is Her Biggest Regret

Nurse Adopts Baby Who Didn't Have a Single Visitor For 5 Months: "I'm Going To Be Her Mother”

Teenager Walks In Front Of Train As He Wanted To Be With His Mom Who Was Murdered By His Own Dad


20 July, 2021

This Man Sits On The Same Park Bench Every Day To Offer Florida Residents A Shoulder To Cry On

Shilpa Das Gupta

Mom Wakes Her 21-Year-Old Daughter Up Every Morning By Licking Her "Like A Puppy"

High School Students Build Wheelchair-Stroller For Disabled Dad So He Can Walk His Child

16-Yr-Old Dies Of Cancer Because He Was Too Embarrassed To Tell Parents About Lump In His Testicles

23-Year-Old Woman Who Lost 190 Pounds Shares Her Weight Loss Story: "A Journey Takes Time"

Man, Abandoned In Stroller As A Baby, Reunites With Mom 57 Years Later: "Dreams Do Come True"

Woman Who Was Told She'd Never Walk Again Or Have More Kids Makes Her Way Down Aisle Pregnant


13 July, 2021

94-Year-Old Black Grandma Fulfills Dream Of Wearing A Wedding Dress For The First Time

Shruti Menon

Woman Kills Husband With Boiling Water After He Allegedly Sexually Abused Her Kids

In The 1940s, Women Wore Wedding Dresses Made Out of Their Husbands' WWII Parachutes

Man Surprises His Biological Mom 35 Years After Being Put Up For Adoption: "I Never Got To Hold You"

Mom Of 5 Who Struggled With Infertility Donates Uterus To Another Woman So She Could Experience Pregnancy

Mom Breastfeeding In Public Offers Perfect Response To Stranger Who Asked Her To Cover Up

Single-Mom Housekeeper Breaks Down In Tears When She's Gifted The House She Is Sent To Clean