18 January, 2020

Brain-Dead Teenager, Whose "Brain Had Turned To Mush," Awakens From Coma | Family Says It Is The "Hand of God"

Varsha B

Mom Looks For Nanny With 1 Year Babysitting Experience For 18-YO Daughter, So That She Can Live Without "Stress Of Laundry"

Mother Never Wanted Her Youngest Son, Hated Him For First 18 Months Of His Life & Wished He Would Die In His Sleep

Father Abandons Little Daughter At Dumpyard On Christmas Because He Couldn't Handle Raising A Child

Grand-daughter Stole Nearly $300,000 From Her 97-YO Grandma With Dementia To Fund Her Luxurious Lifestyle

Woman Trapped Inside A Clothing Donation Bin Spends Three Days In Freezing Temperatures Crying For Help

Kind Coffee Shop Owner Closes Own Business To Keep Cancer-stricken Competitor's Shop Open, So That He Can Afford Treatment


5 January, 2020

Life-Threatening Cancer "Bruised & Battered" This Mom, But She Now Values Time She Spends With Son & Not "Being Perfect"

Binitha Jacob

Wife Pawns Engagement Ring That Partner Gave Her, Without Informing And When Asked, Refuses To Say Why

Brave Mom & Son, Who Rode Their Horse To Flee Australian Bushfire, Return Home Only to Find It Looted By Heartless Thieves

Teenage Boy Taught Himself To Stitch Just Because His Prom Date Couldn't Afford A Dress, Creates Beautiful Gown For Her

Selfless Mother Induced Labor Two Weeks Early Just So Her Cancer-Stricken Husband Could See His Child Before His Death

Dad Breaks Down Reading Daughter's Last Letter To Him At Her Funeral | She Said She Was Excited To Come Home For Christmas

Woman Battling Cancer Told To "Man Up" And Accused Of Playing The "C" Card By Her Mean & Insensitive Friends


1 January, 2020

Selfless Mom Who Refused Chemo & Died For Her Unborn Child, Said "Going Through This [..] Is Always Going To Be Worth It"

Varsha B

Loving Husband Plants Thousands Of Flowers For 2 Years Just To See His Depressed Blind Wife Smile Again

Texas Church Shooting: Gunman Taken Down In 6 Seconds By Congregation, But Incident Left 2 Dead & 1 Critically Injured

21YO Mom Was Told To Abort Her Baby Girl 10 Times Because She Wouldn't Survive | Little One Just Celebrated FIRST X'Mas At Home

Grieving Mother Still Washes Her Baby Girl's Lone Sock Years After She Passed Away

Wife Saves Up Empty Amazon Delivery Boxes For Six Months To Prank Her Husband And Gets The Most Hilarious Reaction

Vet Accidentally Puts Sick Dog Down After Asking Wrong Owner For Permission