11 May, 2021

"They Just Did Me Wrong": Wanted Man Sends A Selfie To The Police As He Didn't Like The Mugshot They Used

Daughter Saves Mother's Life After She Realized She Just Couldn't "Lose Her Yet"

Little Girl Born Without Hands Gets A Puppy Born Without Paw, Falls In Love Instantly

'Sidechick' Burns Down Man's House As He Fell Asleep After Inviting Her Over For Sex

Bride Dumps Groom On Wedding Day After He Failed To Recite Multiples Of Two

Daughter Finds Birth Mother After 50 Years, Realizes She Was The Star Of Her Favorite Show!

Waitress Suffers Stomach Ache During Shift, Gives Birth To A Baby She Didn't Know She Carried


8 May, 2021

Fastest Labor Ever? People Are Stunned On Finding Out How Long It Took This Woman To Give Birth

True Horror: Son Cuts Mother Into 1000 Tiny Pieces, Eats Some And Feeds Some To The Dog

Doctor Gives Advice On How To Reduce Medical Bills For Uninsured People, Goes Viral

Cleaner Leaves Brutally Honest Note For 'Cruel' Boss On Last Day, Goes Viral Online

Devoted Couple Married For 68 Years Die Within 72 hours Of Each Other

Principal Who Used A Wooden Paddle To Punish 6YO Student May Face Criminal Charges

Horror Unfolds In Idaho With Another School Shooting As Sixth-Grader Opens Fire In School


7 May, 2021

Loud Snoring Can Be A Symptom Of Brain Tumor, A 52-YO Man Lost His Life After Realizing It Too Late

Couple Organizes Wedding In Just 36 Hours After Groom Gets Diagnosed With Aggressive Brain Tumor

Father-Of-Four Gets Stabbed To Death By Teens Trying To Protect A Homeless Man

38YO Mother Dies As Drug-Fuelled Sex Game Goes Wrong After Partner Falls Asleep

Woman Sets House On Fire With Her Housemate Inside & Watches It Burn Down From Her Lawn Chair

Teenager Accidentally Moves Into Retirement Society & Falls In Love With Her Neighbors After An Initial Shock

Nonuplets: Woman Gives Birth To 9 Babies While Expecting Only 7, At The Same Time!