5 Gestures By Your Partner That Say They Truly Love You Without Saying "I Love You"

5 Gestures By Your Partner That Say They Truly Love You Without Saying "I Love You"

Relationships are not always about saying "love you" a 100 times. The emotions are beyond words and sometimes love is manifested through the simplest ways.

Hearing your partner say that they love you is definitely important in a long-term relationship. However, love is beyond words and can be expressed through simple actions in daily life.

According to Chris Armstrong, a relationship coach and founder of Maze of Love, "Love, more than any other thing in the world, should be easy, obvious, and on display through your words and actions. For when we love someone, we instinctually want to do and say things that show them that they matter and that we are thinking about them," according to Bustle.

So, here are a few ways in which your partner shows his love for you without actually spelling out the three magic words:

1. Your partner listens to you 

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Many of you might be wondering how "listening" is a display of their romance and love. When your partner takes the time to give ear to hear your problems or even your endless rants, it shows how much they care for you and how important your issues are to them. Moreover, it shows that they are invested in you and the relationship. According to Psychology Today, it shows that your partner is responsive to your needs. In addition, the communication you have with each other builds intimacy between each other. 

2. Your partner helps you with chores

If your partner shows no reluctance in asking you to rest even when it is your turn to wash the dishes or water the plans, it shows that they care for you. Doing those small chores shows that they care about you and want to display their love through the service that they are doing. They believe their "actions speak louder than words", according to Bustle. However, many a time, we don't realize these as acts of love and care.

3. Your partner sits through your favorite shows

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Your partner's entertainment choices are very different from yours. However, when you want to watch something you like, they sit with you and watch it even if they are really not enjoying it. This act depicts compromise and sacrifice. Having the heart to accommodate you and your likings say your partner considers you important and loves you in spite of the differences you have. "A healthy relationship should affirm who each partner is and allow each person to meet his or her needs together with the other," says Psychology Today.

4. Your partner always makes time for you 

Your partner might have a difficult and hectic work schedule that often makes him stay late. However, you always see that they never miss a chance to spend time with you. No matter what happens, they always try to plan their day around you and maintain a balance.

If they are all tied up at work, they will at least initiate a conversation via text or call and might come with plans to make it up to you. These actions show that you are a priority in their life. 

Temi Olly,  Certified Relationship Coach & Speaker stated that people only make time for what's important to them and "so if your partner isn't making time for you, even if it's just to send a simple text, then that should tell you something," according to Bustle

5. Your partner takes care of you when you are ill

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You are not your normal self, jumping around with excitement and happiness. You are sick, tired and just sleepy. Yet, your partner is there by your side asking if you need something. Even when they are at work, they check on you. There is a lot that is special about such a partner.

Their love is not seasonal and they have a genuine love for you. "Being nurtured by your partner when you’re sick isn’t as classically romantic as a candlelit dinner overlooking the sunset, but it's a time when you can appreciate your partner’s thoughtful gestures the most," said marriage counselor and dating coach Samantha Burns.

She added, "You’re in a vulnerable state, have lost some of your independence, and you must rely on your significant other for support. It’s times like these that show you that your partner is really there for you," according to Bustle.