Parents Refuse To Donate Kidney To 16YO Daughter Fighting For Her Life Because "She Is A Girl"

Parents Refuse To Donate Kidney To 16YO Daughter Fighting For Her Life Because "She Is A Girl"

Kanchan Kumari is a young girl who has a lot of dreams but now her dream is to stay alive to see another day. The girl was refused a kidney from her parents because of her gender.

The biggest support system for a child is his or her family. But when your family decides to abandon you, it is painful and discouraging. A recent incident reported from India will bring tears to your eyes. A teenage girl with two failed kidneys was denied a kidney from her parents because of her gender.

According to The Statesman, a 16-year-old teenager Kanchan Kumari, from the state of Bihar, India was denied a kidney donation from both her parents because she is a girl. Local media reported that both her parents showed no interest and declined to donate their kidneys because of her gender. “Who will donate his/her kidneys? She is a girl,” said her father Ramashray Yadav, when asked by the newspaper. What is more upsetting is that the family has not even approached the government for help leaving the young girl helpless.


Kanchan, who is a resident of Avgil village was just like any normal teenager. The young girl was smart at school and passed her school exams in flying colors. However, her joy did last for long. The young girl was started falling sick was admitted in the hospital. The family took the girl to different local hospitals in town and then decided to shift her to the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS), Patna for treatment. After check-ups, the doctors confirmed that the girl's kidneys had failed.

They informed the parents that the young girl needed an immediate kidney transplant for survival. According to the parents, the doctor told them that apart from the kidneys, the whole surgery would cost Rs 5 lakh. They say that they are too poor to arrange for the required amount of money. However, her parents were not ready to be her donors because of their child's gender and moved the girl to a public hospital which was much cheaper than the private hospitals. 

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The poor girl did not have an option but to stay alive in pain till her body gives up. The grandfather of the teenager, Baleshwar Yadav said that the family did not have have the amount that is required for the transplant and was not ready to take the risk as there was no guarantee of survival from the doctors. He added that the girl's father would not be able to donate as he is the sole breadwinner of the family. “If her father Ramashray gives his kidney to her then he will not be able to carry out his work with one kidney and our survival will be at stake as he is a daily wager and the only breadwinner of the family told the grandfather to The Times of India.

A cousin of the girl's father said that they were not ready to risk the life of Ramashray who had to feed seven other members of the family. But one must think about the plight of the family and their concern for other members. The fact that they still have 6 other mouths to feed, clothe and bring up does make one think about how difficult this choice maybe for them.

Since the news of the young girl, several people have sought the details of the girl offering help. People from the State of Kolkata in India along with many from around the world have contacted the correspondent and the agency reported The Statesman. “Hi, I read your article about the girl who needs a kidney transplant. I would like to donate, please help me get in contact with the family and start this process to save her life,” messaged a man from California.  The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur have also contacted the news agency. Kanchan is still eagerly waiting for donors.

According to the statistics by The Times Of India, in the 77 transplants that have been done in the state of Bihar, 77% of the time the donors were women. However, only 8% were recipients.