Parents Make The Most Of Precious Few Moments With Newborn While Preparing For His Funeral After Heartbreaking News

Parents Make The Most Of Precious Few Moments With Newborn While Preparing For His Funeral After Heartbreaking News

Baby Harry has just seven to 14 days left and his parents are making the most of it. With a breaking heart, they are making his funeral arrangements.

Children are precious to most parents. They hope to see them grow and look forward to being part of their journey of life. However, losing them even before spending some time with them is heartbreaking. Joe and Michelle Hampton live with that fear. They are devastated by the future in front of them.

When Michelle became pregnant, her family was shocked. She had given birth to her elder son Charlie and so the news that came three months later in February 2019 was surprising. "I was feeling really poorly and the doctor said I was pregnant. I said: 'no I'm not', that definitely took a couple of weeks to sink in. Harry wasn't planned but he is a blessing," recalled the mother according to LancsLive.

She was asked to come for regular scans by her doctor. Everything was fine. But soon, the family was given bad news.


"The condition was picked up on at 34 weeks. They told me that Harry might have a problem, but they didn't want to say too much else. Soon after I was told that he had Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, I did what anyone would do when I went home and looked it up. I found out that it was operable and that there were quite high survival rates," recalled the mother. She was at peace for a while until the next news.


On 22 October, 2019, Joe and Michaelle were told that their baby had such a severe case of HLHS that it would be impossible to be operated. Though the news was depressing, Joe and his wife were keen on going ahead. On 24 October, 2019, Michaelle gave birth to Harry at 7.45 AM. Their baby boy looked perfect but the doctors told the family that the boy had just seven to 14 days left. Born with a hole in his heart and severe valve problems, there was no way to keep him alive.

The baby boy is currently in palliative care at a hospice in Chorley, Lancashire. "It's so hard. We've had no time to get used to the idea, we've had 12 days with him so far but we are lucky with every day that we get. I don't think it has sunk in yet," said the mother in pain.


"Emotionally, it is heartbreaking, Harry looks so perfect, it's just horrible to think that in the next few weeks he won't be here," said the baby boy grandmother Elli Hudson.


While the family is in deep sorrow, they are savoring every moment with the little one. The heartbroken family is also arranging the boy's funeral, knowing the day to say goodbye is very near. "We are going to lose him any day. We've sorted most of the funeral and I'm strong at the moment but when it happens I won't be. When the time comes, I can let go. I just want to thank Derian Hospice, they have been amazing," said the mother. They have started a GoFund me page to make the necessary arrangements. "They are also hoping that when the time comes to take their children to Disneyland and scatter Harry's ashes whilst they are there," said the Page.