Number Of People Affected By The Pandemic Crosses 1 Million | US Is New Epicentre Of The Outbreak

Number Of People Affected By The Pandemic Crosses 1 Million | US Is New Epicentre Of The Outbreak

The United States is the new epicenter of the deadly pandemic. People are urged to stick to precautionary measures.

Coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill like never before. The recent data of the outbreak show a major rise in the number of affected people across the world. 

According to the BBC, the latest figures released by the Johns Hopkins University suggested that more than a million cases of the virus have been registered across the globe. The statistics also stated that the pandemic had claimed the lives of about 53,975 people. However, more than 217,433 people have recovered from the deadly illness.


This rise was majorly due to the doubling of cases over the past week. Previously, it took around a month and a half for the first 100,000 cases to be registered. Since then, there has been an exponential rise forcing governments to take immediate safety measures. 

As per the latest numbers, The United States of America is the new epicenter of the pandemic. The World Health Organization stated that the virus claimed the lives of 6,058 people in the country. About 245,573 people are found to have contracted the virus. The United States reported the highest daily death toll in the last 24 hours. 1,169 deaths were confirmed in the country in a day, according to BBC.


With the ongoing increase, authorities and medical experts have urged people to stay indoors. They have emphasized on the importance of washing hands, isolation and social distancing. Medical experts have also addressed their fears of running out of supplies due to a large number of cases. 

"My hospital, like every other hospital across the country, has day by day seen dramatic increases in the number of patients with symptoms consistent with COVID-19. We are also seeing dropping numbers of supplies. A lot of the supplies that were intended for hospitals like mine have been diverted to New York,"  stated Dr. Megan Ranney, an emergency room physician at Brown University, according to CBS News.


"So the first and biggest thing that people at home can do is truly to stay home. I know how difficult social distancing is. But if you stay home, you can stop the spread of this virus and allow us in healthcare to better help you," stated the expert. Meanwhile, the White House has urged Americans to begin wearing cloth masks or face-covering in public, according to The Washington Post.


Europe too is facing similar issues. Spain reported the death of 950 people in 24 hours, the highest number death toll for a single day in Europe. "We continue with an increase of around 8%. This points, as we have already seen, to a stabilization in the data that we're registering," stated María José Sierra, from the Spanish health ministry's emergency co-ordination unit, according to BBC. 

Spain is the worst-hit country after Italy in Europe. Meanwhile, the Australian chief medical officer admitted that the true global data was likely to be much higher than the recorded data in countries across the globe. "Worldwide we have passed 1 million infections. But we believe the true number is five or 10 times as much," Brendan Murphy, according to the New York Times

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