Only A Strong Woman Will Smile Even When She Feels Broken Inside

Only A Strong Woman Will Smile Even When She Feels Broken Inside

You are always there for others, even if it means hiding your own pain while fighting their battles with them.

The emotional rock for her family, the source of strength for her loved ones, and the one everybody in her life can lean on, that's how a strong woman is always described. But nobody knows that you're the kind of woman who will do all of this even when you're feeling broken inside. You continue being everything for everyone, and even when it's exhausting, you find the strength to push through.

1. You put the needs of others before thinking about your own

Whether it's to share joy or sadness, you're usually the first person that your friends and family call. You are always there for people no matter what, trying to give them a helping hand when they struggle to get by. You don't think twice before putting the needs of others before your own. You don't hesitate to carry the burden of others, especially when they don't have the strength to carry it on their own. There was never a time when your dear ones needed you and you weren't there for them, filling them with the strength they needed.

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2. You smile through the pain even on your toughest days

There have been days where you laid awake in bed, struggling to fall asleep because of the unanswered questions swirling in your head. You constantly doubt yourself, but you tell no one about it. There may have been times when the pain running deep was so unbearable that you cried yourself to sleep, but you still made it a point to put a smile on your face and take on the next day. Nobody ever doubts your puffy eyes or your forced laugh because you do a great job at hiding what you really feel. You show people only what they expect to see from you, which is a bright woman with a powerful attitude. 


3. You show people your positivity but never your vulnerability

You show the world only what you want to show, keeping everything else deep down inside. When people describe you, they call you a person who's never afraid of anything. But they will never realize that you have insecurities of your own. Just like they have fears of their own, you have them, too. The only difference is that you don't let your fears destroy your confidence. And you never ask for help. You choose to fight your battles alone. With all the hope you have inside you, you push yourself to keep moving.


4. You suffer in silence because nobody will really understand

You are no longer the trusting woman that you once used to be in your younger days. After disappointing relationships, unfulfilled promises and hurtful experiences that you're still healing from, you have stopped believing in people the way you used to. That's why sometimes you think it's better to suffer in silence by yourself than trying to find comfort in the words of someone who will not really understand what you're going through. You stop yourself from sharing your problems with even your loved ones because you don't want them to worry about you, even though you continue worrying about them.


5. You stand strong even when your world is falling apart

Even the worst experiences in your life haven't stopped you from staying strong. Even when you hit rock bottom, you got back on your feet. Those difficult experiences showed you that you can be strong even when everything around you is failing. Those are the experiences that toughened you up and you want to see others do the same. You have realized that not everyone has the same resilience as you have to fight through their troubles, so you often fight right beside them. You want to see everyone around you have a good day, even when you're having a bad one.

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