The One Who Truly Loves You Wouldn't Be Bothered By Your Imperfections Or Your Overthinking Mind

The One Who Truly Loves You Wouldn't Be Bothered By Your Imperfections Or Your Overthinking Mind

All that you're embarassed about and thought you had to hide, they will show you that you no longer have to be ashamed about them.

To the world, you might hush your thoughts and hide bits of your personality. But to the one you're destined to spend your life with, you can be you, just the way you are. Because the right one for you isn't bothered about your quirks and flaws. They never expect you to change because, in their eyes, you're already perfect.

They love every bit of you, including your stretch marks and the freckles you may be embarrassed about.

They cherish every inch of you and all the different sides of your personality, the softness and the warmth you come with, as well as the wild and untamed side of you that only they get to see.

In the relationship, "we find ourselves letting our guard down and showing who we truly are," psychologist, Kelsey M. Latimer told Bustle. "But what's really cool, is that true self is often so much better than the masked self ever was, so that is a great benefit in itself."

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You know you're with the right one for you when they never force you to talk when you don't want to. But when you're finally ready to open up, they listen patiently without any judgment. And there is absolutely nothing you can say that will push them away. No opinion of yours is unimportant, no emotion of yours is too silly, and no secret of yours is too embarrassing to say out loud in front of them. They make you comfortable enough to share anything on your mind because they genuinely want to know everything that goes on with you and you don't have to be afraid of sharing it.

Your partner's mind is not clouded with their own emotions because they try their best to see things from your perspective and empathize with you, even when it's tough.

"By extending empathy to someone else, you’re able to create greater safety in the relationship, which fosters the ability for both of you to be truly seen and heard. Sometimes this can be scary, but it’s key to developing deep emotional intimacy,” said Andrea Miller, CEO and founder of yourtango.com and author of Radical Acceptance: The Secret to Happy, Lasting Love, according to Reader's Digest.

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What's also so important is that your partner knows how harsh you can be with yourself. There may be days where you don't believe in yourself, but they're the ones who make you look past your weaknesses and see all the beautiful strengths that you have.

They know how you sometimes overthink and obsess over everything in your head. And they are willing to sit right beside you for hours, holding your hand and telling you what you need to hear. When they say, "we will get through this together," you know that they're not just saying it to please you, but because they will never let go of you when you hit rock bottom.

What keeps you bound together is the trust you both share. You know they wouldn't ever do anything that they know will hurt you. They would never leave you hanging and they would never make you regret giving your commitment to them.

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When you're living out your days with someone who truly loves you, they acknowledge all the many ways you make them feel loved and they try their best to do the same for you.

With all the many ways you spoil each other, you both are reminded of just how lucky you are to have each other in your life. And not a single day goes by where you aren't grateful for all that your partner is and does. 


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