Olivia Newton-John Was Devastated After Her Cancer Diagnosis Came The Same Weekend Her Dad Died|But She Never Gave Up

Olivia Newton-John Was Devastated After Her Cancer Diagnosis Came The Same Weekend Her Dad Died|But She Never Gave Up

Olivia Newton-John saw her dear ones lose their lives while she continued to fight for hers.

Sometimes, life brings you too many tragedies at the same time. It might break you and shatter your positivity. However, some find the courage to overcome them in miraculous ways. Olivia Newton-John is such an actress. She received the news of her illness at the worst time of her life but she found the strength to move on. 

According to People, Newton-John first found out about her illness at the same time as the death of her loving father,  Brin Newton-John. Her father too had died of liver cancer in 1992 and the actress was heartbroken. Two weeks later, Newton-John was informed about her deadly illness. She was diagnosed with cancer in her right breast.


"It was all at once. Everything just came at me. You can’t help but feel despair at some point. It’s overwhelming," said the actress, recalling that day, according to People. Though she was scared at first, she tried to remain positive.

From then on, Newton-John put herself through the radiations and chemotherapy. The people around her were astonished by her smile even in the midst of her agony. “She had a sense of humor even when they were putting the needle in her veins,” said her sister to People. 

In order to cope up with the pain, the 71-year-old turned to herbs, acupuncture, and mental imaging. “I visualized [the chemicals] as gold liquid going into my body, healing me, rather than what it really is, which is poison. So, okay, I didn’t die. I was stronger than I thought," said the actress. Her positive approach paid off and the actress  won her battle to cancer. However, tragedies followed her throughout. Cancer reappeared in her life in 2013.


While she silently began to fight the illness again, she was hard hit by the death of her sister. Her sister, Rona Newton-John lost her battle to brain cancer and Newton-John was shocked. “No one is ever prepared for when the person actually dies. Your sister is someone you can share things about the family that no one else understands. I don’t really have that now, so that was really hard to get used to. I would pick up the phone with something to tell her about my brother or relatives or someone that we’d known forever, so that was really odd to let go of that," said the actress to People.

With two deaths of cancer in her family, the 71-year-old began to do her part in building awareness through the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre in Australia. She knew it was important for her to focus on “getting to see an end to cancer” than looking back at her losses.


Meanwhile, she revealed she was undergoing her treatment for stage 4 breast cancer in 2017. However, nothing has broken her spirit. “I’m so lucky that I’ve been through this three times and I’m still here. I’m living with it. Every day is a gift, particularly now," said the actress, according to Independent. She is grateful for the good things she has in life like her supportive husband, who encourages her on her bad days.


"Of course I had my moments, and my tears and all that. But I have a wonderful husband who supports me through those things. I believe you create your life by what you think. So you need to think in a positive way to create that in you, in your body and your life," said Newton-John, according to Forbes.