Committed Student Graduates High School Without Missing a Day for 12 Years | He Credits Parents for ‘That Extra Push'

Committed Student Graduates High School Without Missing a Day for 12 Years | He Credits Parents for ‘That Extra Push'

He never missed a day due to illness or injury and stayed consistent even with online classes during the pandemic when schools were shut.

A high school student from Ohio who didn't miss a single day of school in the last 12 years graduated with perfect attendance.

Blake Wolfe, from Westlake High School in Ohio attended school for an estimated 2,184 days since 2009, reports 9Gag. Except on days when school was canceled due to severe snow, he never missed a day due to illness or injury. 

On days when he wanted to "make up an excuse" to stay at home, his "mom and my dad just gave me that extra push and coming to school and seeing my friends again it just made it all better," he told Fox 8.  



At school, Blake's favorite subjects were math and history. He not only carried a full load of classes, but Blake was also a marching band drummer who lettered in basketball and track.

His parents David and Dana Wolfe are proud of their son. They said he has always been a healthy kid adding, “Blake is a really good kid. He knew that school was very important and that we believed that he should be there every day.”

Of all the years that Blake has spent in school, he described the last year as the most difficult year when the continuous COVID-19 pandemic forced schools throughout the country to close and virtual learning was implemented. However, he persistently attended all the online classes without slacking off on a single class.

He said, "Not seeing my friends was the hard part but I just got through it. There was one year left and no need to stop now." 

Image Source: Getty Images/Dusan Stankovic
Image Source: Getty Images/Dusan Stankovic


He said, "It shows just how committed I am to school and how important it is to me."

Blake is sad to leave school after spending so much time there but he has new records to set as he heads off to college. He started Bluffton University in Ohio in 2021. 

BJ Mizulo, a youngster from Adair, Oklahoma, also completed his final day of high school after not missing a single day of class from pre-kindergarten, reports News Week. Mizulo's mother, Rhonda Mizulo, told 2 News that her son wanted perfect attendance after seeing a girl in California win a medal on TV for attaining the feat. She said, "Other than athletics that took him out of class, he's been there every day since the beginning of pre-K." 

She said that he has kept himself well since that day, even barring his sisters from entering his room when they are sick. 





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