UNO Confirms You Cannot Stack +4 Or +2 Cards And The Internet Is Not Happy

UNO Confirms You Cannot Stack +4 Or +2 Cards And The Internet Is Not Happy

It is time to play the game right so no stacking says the official Twitter account of UNO and people are not taking it well.

Family gatherings, picnics, a Sunday with friends, all these occasions of coming together are often celebrated with lots of food, drinks and off course some games. Board games and card games are both very popular among kids and adults alike. An American card game, UNO,  known for entertaining people over the years has always been a subject of competition among friends and families. While many of us claim to be UNO experts, its time to doubt whether you really are. A recent Twitter clarification by the family game's official account has incited controversy and hurt some people's ego.

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According to Today, the official Twitter page of UNO put out a post saying that stacking drawcards such as +4 and +2 is against the rules. "If someone puts down a +4 card, you must draw 4 and your turn is skipped. You can’t put down a +2 to make the next person Draw 6. We know you’ve tried it. #UNO," said the post. As per the Tweet, if a person gets a +4, he or she is four cards richer and their opponent cannot play by his or her rules. The post says it's not right to stack more drawcards to beat them. Obviously, it's not great news to all the people who believed they were playing the game right.


As per the Today report, stacking +4 and +2 cards is a popular move in the game that was created in 1971 and people were not ready to accept the news. The post attracted 52k retweets and 3.7K comments since it got posted on May 4. People who could not agree with the post berated UNO and criticized the company with comments and memes.


While some people said that the company had no idea about the game and called them liars, "I know this is literally your game that you made up but this is incorrect I'm sorry," said one.  Surprisingly, the footwear company Foot Locker too took part in the debate to make a statement on behalf of all UNO lovers. It commented, "Dear Uno, That’s not even how Uno is played.- From Everybody."

 Others who were equally disappointed decided that they were not going to pay the game based on the company's rules. "My deck, my rules...someone's eating this +24," said one while another commented, "Our point being tho, we play the game how we want to play the game."


While some people intrigued by the news went on asking more questions about the game trying to get their game straight. "What about a +4 on a +4?" asked one. Many also took this opportunity to remember all the nostalgic days where they crashed their friend and family with the old stack rule. "Ok, from experience, let just say that this exact move has been grounds for a fight. Had my sister flinging those cards like she was Gambit said, one commentator.


Though the company came out of its clarifications, it's up to the game lovers. Whether they stick to the old way of thrashing their competitor using draw cards or whether they chose to play with the new rule.