Bride Finally Marries Her Childhood Sweetheart At 42 But Dies Just 6 Days After Tying The Knot

Bride Finally Marries Her Childhood Sweetheart At 42 But Dies Just 6 Days After Tying The Knot

When Nicola married Jason, she probably envisioned a long, happy life ahead for them... sadly, it was not meant to be.

Going on your honeymoon with "The One" is a dream that many don't get to have. So when this woman married the love of her life, they thought their life was set... until tragedy struck. They were 15 when they met and instantly, Nicola Spencer knew that one day, she was going to marry her "soul mate", Jason Nicholls. But neither of them thought that their marriage would barely last 6 days. In what has come as a shock to Jason and Nicola's two daughters, the 42-year-old mother suffered a sudden and mysterious death on her way back from the honeymoon.


Beginning their relationship in secondary school, Nicola and Jason were apart for years before reuniting 10 years ago. Then in 2016, Jason proposed to the love of his life and on 8th September 2018, they were married.

They may have not been together for a while but according to her daughter, Rebecca Jones, 23, Nicola had always insisted that Jason was the man for her. "She told her friend that he was the man she was going to marry, even at that young age," Rebecca said, adding, “Mum told us all that she had found her soul mate in Jason.”


So when the time finally came to marry Jason, there was joy in the air. After the wedding, the two jetted off to the Canary Islands to celebrate their honeymoon. However, what should have been a romantic time with her loved one turned out to be a heart-breaking story that affected her new hubby as well as her family. 

Rebecca told Daily MailOnline that Nicola had been feeling a little weak on the morning that she left for Fuerteventure, an island part of the Canary Islands. But she had assumed that it was not something serious. However, in the morning September 11, it got worse as Nicola had said that she wasn't feeling too great. Despite that, she sent a picture to her kids and continued with the trip. "That afternoon she started to bring up blood and visited the local clinic, where she was told she was dehydrated and had a urine infection," said Rebecca.



Nicola had been kept on an IV drip for a few hours and was discharged when she felt better. Thankfully, after that, things started to look a little better when the next morning, she told her family that she was feeling much better and that she would be stepping out to get some sun.

But that didn't last long when, in the afternoon, the 42-year-old claimed to feel poorly again. "That evening she called my sister Rhiannon [Jones] saying she wanted to go home and for her to book a flight back," Rebecca said. So the couple packed up and were on a flight to Gatwick on September 13. However, the plane never made it there as it was diverted to Portugal instead. The reason? Nicola.

"Mid-flight, Mum was feeling very unwell, proceeded to collapse and was again bringing up blood," Rebecca said. "She was unresponsive so the plane was diverted to Porto and unfortunately..." she continued, and this is where it gets heart-breaking, "she passed away on the descent to Porto airport."



Nicola's sudden and untimely death had been a huge blow for her family and loved ones. "She was generally in good health," Rebecca explained. "She was very well before she died which is why it has been such a huge shock to our family."

Since their family was a close-knit unit, "Everyone has struggled greatly with mum's passing as we virtually saw each other every day," she said. "Due to the suddenness of mum's death, we are all still very much in shock and are still looking for some form of closure."

It's been 6 months and the family still doesn't know what could have caused the healthy mother's sudden demise. Two autopsies had been done but the results had been inconclusive. So an inquest was started to find the reason for her passing. "The date for this is 27th March 2019, six months after her death," said Rebecca and added that it was "prolonging the pain of her passing even more."


Rebecca described her mom as "a feisty character who when passionate about something, would put her all into it. She was definitely a people’s person who could single-handedly fill a room and had a great sense of humor." Nicola's family made sure to keep close contact with Jason, a man who was devastated by his bride's inexplicable death. Rebecca's sister, Rhiannon, 24, calls him often to ensure that he's coping well. 

But her family isn't the only close-knit unit she had. Nicola used to run a local homeless charity called Shelter Project Hounslow which "helps homeless men over the winter months, providing them with somewhere to stay, meals and a friendly face," explained Rebecca, adding, "She [Nicola] dedicated her life to helping others and over the last 2 years she ran a local homeless charity." Fortunately, the charity is still being run and money is being collected on GoFundMe in order to keep the project alive. Rebecca plans to hold a charity event for the anniversary of her mother's death in September 2019.

She had waited over two decades to be with the man of her dreams, only for it to come to an abrupt end. There's no doubt that the 42-year-old's untimely death has left the family in shock, as Nicola's two young daughters and widower Jason are still left looking for answers, six months after her passing.