Newborn Found Abandoned In Pizza Box With A Devastating Note About His Mother | "I Hope He Has A Better Life"

Newborn Found Abandoned In Pizza Box With A Devastating Note About His Mother | "I Hope He Has A Better Life"

The mayor of the area has agreed to bear the child's financial responsibilities.

The stories of parents abandoning their kids are heard very often. Though some of them state heartwrenching;y real reasons such as financial crisis and familial problems for their actions, there is no doubt they can leave their little ones in safer places like an orphanage, a church, or a fire station, instead of a busy street or a dangerous alley. One baby was found abandoned on a roadside pavement in Mexico.  

According to The Sun, an infant was left in a pizza box with a note from his grandmother. Locals found the newborn wrapped in a blanket in Tlaltenango, Zacatecas on October 8, 2020. Along with the baby, the locals also found a heartbreaking note from the child's grandmother. The note stated that the kid's mother had passed away and the family did not have the means to support the baby.


"Take care of my grandson. My daughter died while giving birth and I don't have [a way] to support him and I hope he has a better life and God forgive me," stated the note.

Soon, paramedics arrived at the scene and transported the baby to a local hospital for basic medical checkups. Later, the Civil Protection agency shared the details of the incident on Facebook and even posted the picture of the letter that was found along with the child. They wrote, "Life shapes you but it does not prepare you for situations like this. This morning we receive a report to our base, that at the crossroads of Allende and Zacatecas streets, an abandoned baby in the open(sic)."

They continued, "Upon arrival paramedics of our coordination, notice that inside a pizza box on the bench was found to be a newborn with a note. It is reviewed and moved to IMSSS Wellness for medical assessment and then continue with the relevant legal formalities."


Tlaltenango mayor Miguel Ángel Varelo Pinedo, who saw the post came forward and took responsibility for the child's expenses.

He took to Facebook and wrote, "It’s sad to hear that a baby is abandoned due to a lack of financial resources. This beauty was found today, creature of God. Beyond the message, this is when we should show solidarity and take care of the baby," according to 7 News

He further added, "I'll take care of the baby's spending as long as it takes...this beautiful child is not guilty of anything." He ended the post by asking God to forgive the woman who abandoned the child in the pizza box.  "Rest in peace your holy mother, and God forgive your grandmother."


The mayor later updated the public and stated that the child was baptized and even given a name. The baptism took place before he was given to the authorities.


The mayor also asked the governor of Zacatecas to make sure the little one was adopted by some kind family who could be his home forever. The mayor wrote, "God give you long life #AngelGabriel!" and then continued, "It's the name the people of #Tlaltenango have baptized him [with]."