Newborn Starts Breathing Again After Devastated Mom Hugs & Keeps Him Close To Her Heart For Two Hours

Newborn Starts Breathing Again After Devastated Mom Hugs & Keeps Him Close To Her Heart For Two Hours

Kate Ogg wanted her newborn to be warm but after 2 hours of holding him close to her, he started breathing.

The bond between a mother and a child is so strong that it can calm their disturbed soul and heal their broken hearts. Kate Ogg, a mother from Australia is one living example that proves it. Her story will tell you the amazing and unbreakable connection shared by every mother and their child.


Kate Ogg and her husband David always wanted to have children of their own. After spending 3 years trying to conceive, they were given the happy news. Kate became pregnant with twins and the couple was super excited to welcome their babies into the world. Soon, Kate prematurely delivered the twins, Emily, and Jamie on 25 March 2010. However, their happiness was short-lived. Jamie was silent and motionless. The doctors knew something was wrong with the newborn. They gathered around the newborn and did everything they could to save the baby. Despite their efforts, they could not save the baby and so proclaimed him dead.


Kate and David could not believe it. They had waited for their children for so long. Having declared the baby dead, the nurse brought the lifeless body of the baby boy and placed him across his mother's chest. "I’d carried him inside me for only six months – not long enough – but I wanted to meet him, and to hold him, and for him to know us," said Kate recalling the incident to Today. Wanting to keep her child warm, she kept him close to her chest with tears in her eyes. "I saw him gasp but the doctor said it was no use. I took Jamie off the doctor, asked everyone to leave. He was cold and I just wanted him to be warm," said Kate to Daily Mail.


She even asked her husband to remove his shirt and join them on the hospital bed. Kate and David laid next to each other looking at their lifeless baby boy. "We’d resigned ourselves to the fact that we were going to lose him, and we were just trying to make the most of those last, precious moments," said the mother.


The event that followed was nothing but a miracle. After two hours of laying on her chest inside the warmth of their embrace, Jamie started moving. His breathing got stronger. Hospital staff rushed back to his aid and together brought the baby back to life.

There was nothing that could make Kate and David happier. They are thankful that their boy could make it. Doctors, too, were shocked by what had happened. "Luckily I’ve got a very strong, very smart wife. She instinctively did what she did. If she hadn’t done that, Jamie probably wouldn’t be here," said David. He added, "We feel so fortunate, we’re the luckiest people in the world."


It has been 10 years since the incident and the couple thankful for the miracle that changed their lives. The twins now have a little brother and are healthy, cheerful kids.