2-Day-Old Infant Abandoned In A Plastic Bag With A Rusty Knife Sticking Out Of Her Back Survived Miraculously

2-Day-Old Infant Abandoned In A Plastic Bag With A Rusty Knife Sticking Out Of Her Back Survived Miraculously

Despite wounds on her body, "The baby is currently stable, and we believe that she will survive," said the hospital's spokesperson.

Trigger warning: Contains details that may be distressing to some.

A tiny infant was put through one of the worst possible circumstances that a child can go through for absolutely no fault of her own. And yet, the little one miraculously survived the horrifying ordeal and will hopefully begin having a normal and happy childhood. 

The baby girl was found abandoned in the Costanera Oeste Avenue in Posadas, which is located in the province of Misiones in north-eastern Argentina. Thankfully, she was found by a 31-year-old gym instructor, named Diego Sebastian Penayo, who heard her cries when he passed by the area, as reported by the Daily Mail.

When Diego spotted the abandoned baby, he was shocked to find her wrapped in a blue and pink colored blanket around her and placed inside a plastic bag. But what was most unbelievable about the horrifying incident was that Diego found her with a rusty knife sticking out from her back. Despite having this rusty old blade protruding from her back, the baby stayed alive. And the sound of her wailing helped Diego find her, reported the news website, Clarin, according to The Sun.


First taken to the police station by Diego, the baby was eventually taken to the Pediatric Hospital Dr. Fernando Barreyro so that doctors could do whatever they can to make sure she survives. Until she reached the safe hands of the doctors, the baby had the rusty blade still sticking out of her back. 

Luckily, there was no severe damage caused to the child. The doctors noticed that there were several stab wounds on the body of the newborn baby but they were superficial. The rusty blade, which was the same knife used to cause the other wounds, did not strike or puncture any of the infant's essential organs.

"The baby is currently stable, and we believe that she will survive," said David Halac, a spokesman for the hospital, who also added that the knife was manufactured by a company called Tramontina.

The doctors believed that the infant was born only a day or two before she was found abandoned by Diego. After the police investigated the incident, they managed to find the mother of the baby, and soon, she was arrested. According to the police, the mother "gave birth and left Hospital Dr. Ramon Madariaga Treble to go to a nearby street, where she abandoned the newborn girl."



It is unclear whether there were any charges pressed against the woman, and her identity was not disclosed by the media.

When the staff members at the hospital saw all that the little one had been through and still made it to the other side, they decided to give her a name that represented what she had been through. From then on, while the baby was in their care, they called her Esperanza, which means hope. However, a Daily Star report that came out later said that the staff started calling the baby Milagros, which means Miracle.

David Halac was eventually able to tell reporters that the baby was breathing without any aid. However, to reduce the risk of developing an infection, the doctors were taking extra precautions and giving her strong antibiotics. "It's a rare postoperative precaution, but normally babies a few days old haven't been injured with a rusty knife," said the spokesperson.


Hearing the miraculous survival of the baby has led to many people coming forward to do what they can to help the child through donations. 

María Inés, one of the organizers of the collection said, "We brought a little of everything we have been collecting. We are going to try to bring a little more every Friday. We’re very happy because this will also benefit other children."