Neil Diamond Found Happiness At 70 When He Married Katie McNeil, Who Inspired His Music | "She’s Made Me Happy Again"

Neil Diamond Found Happiness At 70 When He Married Katie McNeil, Who Inspired His Music | "She’s Made Me Happy Again"

Neil Diamond and Katie McNeil did not allow their age difference to come inbetween their romance.

When you are in love, every thought in your head revolves around that one person. They will inspire you and bring out the best in you. That is what happened to Neil Diamond when he found the one for him. She became his muse and many songs that melted the hearts of his audience were composed with the image of his beautiful wife, Katie McNeil in his head.

Diamond met McNeil when he was filming a concert documentary, Hot August Night/NYC. According to the Telegraph, the young Californian woman, almost three decades his junior, was a video producer at the time. Soon, McNeil became the musician's manager. However, their romance did not start immediately. "No, there was nothing. She was just another business person handing me work to do and another business person I was trying to get away from," said Diamond to Daily Mail, recalling their initial meeting. But soon enough, love happened and the couple started dating. The singer was smitten and took to Twitter to introduce his new love. He said she was  “lovestruck.”


But, McNeil was not fully convinced. She did not want to be involved with someone she worked for but at the same time, she could not deny the sparks between them.  “Part of me said, ‘Don’t get involved; he’s a client.’ There are a lot of complications for a lot of reasons. But our chemistry grew into something that couldn’t be denied," said the 49-year-old to Parade

Eventually, she gave in and did the right thing, according to her. On 21 April 2012, the couple exchanged vows and began their new chapter together. Diamond deeply loved his wife but she was much more than just a partner to him.

The artist did not shy away from accepting that his wife was the one who helped him find the motivation to write songs. Talking about his 2014 album Melody Road, he told News AU, "I had a woman I was in love with in the picture,” he said. “And just being with her and having her around me inspired me to stay with it."


He added, "A few of these songs, in particular, were either inspired by her or she caused them to be completed. They were waiting for her and I don’t know whether she liked that too much. She said, 'Some of these songs were written for somebody else' and I said, 'Maybe, but I can’t remember who or why.' But they were waiting for her so that I could complete them. She settled for that and definitely three or four were written for her."

The Golden Globe winner also revealed that his wife was behind the romantic lines of many songs, especially Something Blue. "It is her. You can't avoid it. Yeah. She has informed the album but me too. There is no question about it. I am a happy man.. it is about time. I have waited 70 years to become a happy man. I am very fortunate that I have reached this point in my life and I am around to enjoy it," said the proud singer to Belfast Telegraph.


Apart from being his muse, Diamond admitted that his wife brought a sense of fulfillment to his life. "I consider myself so fortunate to be able to find a little niche for myself in this world. But my life with Katie and our marriage has brought me a kind of satisfaction that I don't think I've ever experienced in my life."

He believes she changed his life for the best and stated that she's brought “the light” back into his life. "In many ways, she’s the opposite of me. She’s bubbly, funny, smart. She’s made me happy again," said the 78-year-old, according to The Sun.