Holiday Classic "Christmas Vacation" Is Back In Theaters To Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary, To Spread Christmas Cheer Again

Holiday Classic "Christmas Vacation" Is Back In Theaters To Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary, To Spread Christmas Cheer Again

For all those fans who watch it year after year, here's something special you can do to take your Christmas ritual up a notch.

About three decades after it was released, families still look forward to slipping into their jammies, huddling on the couch, and rewatching the all-time favorite Christmas film, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The endearing antics of the Griswold family give you so much to laugh about and it puts you right in the holiday spirit.


This year, you can take the family tradition up a notch and watch the movie on the big screen because National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is returning to theatres for the first time since it was released in 1989. You can celebrate the 30th anniversary of this ultimate holiday classic with your friends and family at select locations of AMC Theaters across the country, as reported by Courier Journal. Other theaters are also joining in on the celebration of the movie's 30th anniversary and screening the movie like Goodrich Quality Theaters, Rooftop Cinema Club, and others.


While Christmas Vacation has given you a number of reasons to smile, it is also a movie that's close to the hearts of the people who made it all happen. Fans still walk up to the actors and tell them why they still love the movie after all these years.

Chevy Chase, who played Clark Griswold, the walking disaster with well-meaning intentions, told Rolling Stone a few years ago, "I don’t watch it if it’s on TV, but just recently, my wife Jane was showing me some clips of it on her computer. I started realizing, hey — that was really funny! It bucked me up. Do you know what my favorite line is? 'Have you checked our shitters, honey?'"


Sharing some of his favorite bits from the movie, Chase shared, "The little moments are my favorite. When Cousin Eddie’s dog goes under the tree and drinks the water, and Clark says 'Stop that!' And Randy, as Cousin Eddie, says, 'Don’t worry, a little tree water won’t hurt him.' Not at all concerned that I have to get under there and refill the water."

What also made the movie so lovable was the onscreen connection between Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, who played Ellen Griswold, and they have carried their friendship for years since the film's shooting.


"Whatever it was that happened with Chevy and I when we first met has never changed. We just have always had some kind of connection, physically and creatively. It’s a current you just can’t stop," D’Angelo shared.

Talking about their friendship, Chase added, "Bev and I have been close friends since the very first Vacation. She’s very close to my wife and me. We even live near each other in Los Angeles. She’s one of the best actresses in the world. I’ve always felt that way."


For some of the stars from the film, it was a movie that helped them grow in their career, like Johnny Galecki, who played young Rusty Griswold. "This was such a seminal part of my career, and understanding of comedy and life in general," Galecki said. "I remember practically every day... I’m able to look at it with very grateful eyes."

What every single person behind the movie has done together is given families a movie that they can fondly watch over and over again, and not get tired of.


"I would say 1,000 people tell me that they watch it every Christmas. I’m not exaggerating. If I go anywhere and they know who I am, people come up to me and say that," said Matty Simmons, executive producer of the movie.

If you'd like to relive those old memories of watching the movie with your loved ones, head out and catch the movie as it hits the big screen once again.