My Parents Never Loved Or Supported Me, But I'm Proud Of Who I Am Today

My Parents Never Loved Or Supported Me, But I'm Proud Of Who I Am Today

At 15, I wondered where life would take me. Now, at 34, I have much more than I ever dreamed of and it's all because I never gave up in life!

As the youngest of three siblings, I was always ignored when it came to being loved and cared for. I was like Harry Potter who lived in the closet under the stairs, except there was no magic to save me. My elder brother was the pride and joy of the family, and my sister was pampered beyond belief. She just had to shed a tear and anything she wanted would be before her. I realized this blatant difference when I was a scrawny 10-year-old boy. My sister wanted new clothes and they got her the best, but when I asked for something, I was told I was being rather ungrateful. Eventually, my parents did give me clothes, but they were my elder brother's hand-me-downs. 


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My brother was a smart lad -straight A's- and he had big dreams in life. My parents were supportive of his dreams and wishes and went out of their way to help him get where he wanted to. My sister was lazy and hardly helped out at home, but my mom and dad showed her off like she was their biggest achievement in life. I mean, they made it seem like her tantrums were cute. Then there's me. I was ignored and abused for years, and when I was young, I always wondered why. There were times when my dad would be nice to me, but it was only when my mom wasn't around. Later, I learned from a relative that my mom detested me because I was the child they never wanted. 


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She wanted to get an abortion but my grandmother (dad's mom) refused to let her have her way. Honestly, she was my only saving grace during this entire period. But fate was cruel and she left me alone, too. She died when I was 15, and since then it just got worse; especially because she left everything she had to me. This is so that I could follow my dreams of being a lawyer.  My mom tried everything in her book to take what she'd left for me but in vain. And it just made her hate me even more than she already did. She also managed to turn my siblings against me, and I was left alone for a very long time. I couldn't wait to turn 18 and leave this wretched house. 


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The only thing I knew how to do well was study because that's how much I wanted to get away from the people whom I meant nothing to. When I had to apply to a college, I got into one of the best law schools in the country and it was all because of my determination. People say you need your family's support to succeed in life but I have proven them wrong. You see, my parents couldn't have been happier to see me leave and they even threw out my old stuff when I packed my bags. No one came to check me into my dorm or say bye to me. I mean, that was expected, but I figured my dad would be sad, but I was wrong. 


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In college, my life changed. I met new people and made some friends that have been with me since. I even met the love of my life in college. You know, life as I knew it changed drastically, and for the first time since I was born, I knew what it meant to be loved and wanted. My wife completed me in so many ways that no matter what I do, I will never be able to love someone as much as I do, her. My wife and my kids mean the world to me. My career is booming, and I love every bit of my life. If you'd asked me how my life would turn out to be when I was 15, I'd say I have no idea, but now, at 34, I have much more than I ever dreamed of, and this is all because I never gave up in life. Not because I had supportive parents. 


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