9YO Girl Bullied & Uninvited By Peers Because She Is "She’s Not Pretty Enough, Skinny Enough" | She Believes She Is "Too Ugly"

9YO Girl Bullied & Uninvited By Peers Because She Is "She’s Not Pretty Enough, Skinny Enough" | She Believes She Is "Too Ugly"

The little girl is a victim of bullying as she was made to feel that she's not good enough to be invited anywhere.

"Bullying" can wreak havoc, especially in children. Some of us have experienced what it feels like when bullied. In the current scenario, we might think that our children are safe from it but we're wrong.

Even though measures have been taken in schools and colleges to help kids avoid any kind of mental or physical bullying, this issue continues to exist.

Unfortunately, it does not constraint itself to schools and universities alone. 



Nobody can understand the pain of their children going through this difficult situation other than parents, and Nicole O’Shea is one of them. She wrote a blog for Love What Matters to let people know how it feels to be a parent of a young kid who's a victim of bullying. 

“She’s 9,” Nicole wrote and continued, “Nine years old and already learning what it feels like to have her heartbroken by the unkindness of the world. She already knows what it feels like to have her peers comment on her body, her face, her clothes, her family."



Citing all the crude words that her daughter has been given she continued, "She’s been called too stupid, too fat, too ugly, too poor, too loud, too huggy, too wild, too messy. She’s been uninvited because she’s not pretty enough, skinny enough, happy enough, funny enough, liked enough."

Explaining how it has affected her little daughter's confidence at such a tender age, she wrote, "Those words don’t hurt me because I know they’re not true. I know she’s enough. What hurts me is how broken those words make her. What kills me is how she believes the naysayers of the world instead of her mama, the person who knows her best."

Nicole then talks about how necessary it is to learn our importance in this world and find out the things that make us special. She continued, "And that, my friends is why we HAVE to learn to love ourselves. These babies are watching us. They’re learning how to love themselves by watching how we love our own selves. They CANNOT hear us when we tell them they’re enough because they’re too busy hearing us tell ourselves we’re not."

"I vow to erase self-hate from my life. I promise to learn to appreciate who and what I am without exception. I will love me. Because me loving me is the only way I can teach her to love her,“ she added.



Nicole also asked all those who come across her post to keep their children in place of her daughter and imagine the hurt they would experience to see their child go through something similar.

“If this hit you in some kind of way, I know it’s because you’re picturing your own kids and the struggles they’ve seen. I am one mom of one daughter and our story is not unique. It’s the story of every mother and the daughters they’re raising,“ she continued.

"But we aren’t here to dwell in the heartache. We’re here to breed confidence and resiliency in the hearts of our babies. With that in mind, I want to hear from the mamas and the aunties and the grandmas and the teachers, and all the women who have little girls looking up to them…I want you to picture that little woman you’re helping to shape and promise me right now you’re going to start loving yourself the way you want her to love herself,” she concluded.

Nicole's posted her words on her Facebook page as well and it hit the right spot. She shared it to make everyone realize that it's substantial for kids to have elders in their lives whom they can look up to as role models. Our children grow up looking at the people that we are as individuals, so it's extremely important that we set an example for them and train them that loving oneself is the first thing that they should learn while growing up.