Heartbroken Mum Reveals Partner Broke-Up Because She Stopped Wearing Makeup Post-Pregnancy, Making Her Feel Like "Rubbish"

Heartbroken Mum Reveals Partner Broke-Up Because She Stopped Wearing Makeup Post-Pregnancy, Making Her Feel Like "Rubbish"

The woman was experiencing motherhood for the first time and only wanted to share her happiness. But her boyfriend shocked her beyond words.

The day someone becomes a mother, everything changes. There are changes in her body, her emotions, her priorities. While she accepts the challenge of being the mother her baby deserves, she puts everything else in the backseat.

As she sets herself on this journey, she needs the support of her significant other. In most cases, she gets what she wants but in some, they're left to take care of their kid alone. That's exactly what a young mother went through. The man she loved left her for the most superficial reason.

The new mum revealed that her two-and-a-half-year relationship ended after the birth of their son. The mum revealed things had changed since the arrival of their son, reported The Mirror. The boyfriend admitted that he didn't love her anymore.

Sharing your life with someone for years makes you quite vulnerable. They become your strength to fight tough days and uplift you. But when the same person suddenly tells you they don't love you anymore, it shatters you completely.

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The boyfriend didn't stop here. He went on to confess that he was unhappy with the way the woman had stopped caring about her looks and was not dressing enough. He complained that their son was to be blamed because it's only after his arrival that she had stopped putting on makeup or shaving.

The young mother admitted while makeup seemed unnecessary at this time, the reason she'd stopped shaving her bikini line was because of the c-section which was taking time to heal. Trying to gain her lost confidence, she connected with Netmums to figure if her boyfriend was right.

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She said, "The way I feel my son doesn’t sleep well as it is he’s up every 2 hours and sometimes awake from 12 am till 7 am and I’m the one who does every night shift, all the cleaning in the house, bottles everything so whilst my son sleeps through the day I’ve got the cleaning to do and the dog to entertain so I don’t get time to do my makeup or anything else."

A lot of moms are all resilience and dedication. Come what may, they don't forget their duties towards their family, their partners, or their colleagues. It becomes a bit difficult when they've new mothers. While some partners praise their women for their hard work, some choose to ignore it.

Explaining her boyfriend's reaction to the whole situation she continued, "When he gets in from work he makes something to eat, sits down for ten minutes with our son then finds something else to keep him busy pops out somewhere or something."

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Her struggle to please her boyfriend can be felt by everyone because every woman has been in a situation where she does everything that's in her control but still get peanuts for appreciation. Most of the time, it's just the flaws. Expressing her feelings, she said, "I just don’t have time to do makeup or shave! And if I did have time I’d choose to do something else other than that! It’s just made me feel a bit rubbish about myself."

Parenting is a whole new unique chapter in life. You hold your baby's tiny hands and learn to walk along with them. Sometimes your partner makes the process as smooth as butter, other times it's like climbing a mountain.

"He says I’m not affectionate on top of all of that and says I turn my back to him at night (I have to settle our son to sleep in his next to me crib and then I feel like it’s mean to turn away from him to turn to my partner what if the blankets go over his head or something)," divulged the mother. 

Explaining her concerns and her boyfriend's disregard, he said, "I’m just a really worried first-time parent and I don’t think he understands that for the first couple of months my mind and attention is going to be on our son. Surely that’s what makes me a good mum you don’t palm somebody off because of it."

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Some of the Netmums felt the pain and misery of the new mother and shared their opinions. One of the disturbed Netmums commented, "Good grief, what is wrong with the bloke? He doesn’t deserve a family. I’ve had 3 kids and each one was difficult on my body. Sorry but his attitude disgusts me."

The Mirror reported that other moms also found the boyfriend's "shallow" demeanor and reasoning very disturbing. While one of the moms explaining how c-section scars can take months to heal properly, another one commented, "Omg I would get rid," adding, "What a man-child he is."

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Another Netmum penned, "Your partner is shocking and to be honest I'd tell him to pack his bags. I couldn't be with a man that constantly wanted to put me down, it will make your feel rubbish. Having a baby, especially your first is hard work. Just focus on yourself and the little one."

These are the times when we understand that only a woman can truly understand what another woman is going through.