Proud "Girl Dad" Says He Takes His Daughters To The Women's Bathroom And Has No Problem Doing So

Proud "Girl Dad" Says He Takes His Daughters To The Women's Bathroom And Has No Problem Doing So

Muhammed Nitoto often finds himself in a tough spot whenever he goes out with his young girls but does his best to remain respectful while using the women's washroom.

For parents with a young child of different sex, the bathroom conundrum never ends. The situation is especially tricky when there aren't any family or gender-neutral restrooms available. Muhammed Nitoto often finds himself in this tough spot whenever he goes out with his young girls. "I never thought the bathroom would become as big as an issue as it is," wrote the self-proclaimed dad-vocate on his Instagram account, Chronicles of Daddy. "Usually we would go places and they have FAMILY bathroom which are meant for people with children but what I found was most places don't have them and dads are left to decide between taking their daughters to the men's bathroom or the women's."



For a man, entering a women's bathroom can be extremely stressful because they know they might be easily viewed as a predator. That's why Nitoto's first choice was the men's bathroom, where he's been "millions of times." But the day, he first entered the washroom with his little ones, he saw it in a completely different light. "Men's bathrooms are DISGUSTING. They smell like pee and nothing is set up for a woman or a person with a child," he explained. "The changing table was right next to the urinal which means my child literally would be next to where men pee [while] she's being [changed]. After doing that 1 time I decided I'd never take my daughter's to the men's bathroom again."



Thus, the parenting blogger decided to take his daughters, Zendaya and Zuri, to the women's bathroom in the event when an establishment didn't have a family restroom. Nitoto also admitted that he has no problem entering the woman's room with his girls. "I use the women's bathroom when I'm out with them. They are too young to go on their own so I have to go in with them," he explained. That being said, the father-of-two makes sure that others present in the restroom are comfortable with his presence. "I try to be as respectful to women as I can while doing so which consists of knocking on the door before entering and announcing myself. Making sure if someone is inside that they know I am a Dad coming in with his daughter and making sure they are comfortable with that," he shared. 



Even when he's inside, Nitoto makes it a point to announce his presence whenever he hears the door opening. "Now once inside our stall, I still am aware of the door and whenever I hear it open and someone new is coming in I announce myself again and make sure they know I'm inside with my child so that they aren't surprised," he added. Sharing the reason behind his choice of bathroom for his daughters, the San Pedro, California father said, "Women's bathrooms are so much cleaner and set up perfect just in case they have children. The changing station is usually insure a stall instead of just in the open and it's always clean. As a girl dad, I can't help but want to protect my daughters from all things that aren't for them and the men's bathroom is 100% one of those things."



Next, he asked his followers, "Am I the only one? Ladies, how does this make you feel?" In no time, the comment section was filled with words of praise for the thoughtful father as one wrote, "What a great dad! Keep doing what you’re doing and sharing it to let other dads (and moms) know it’s okay to step outside the lines to do what’s best for your littles ❤️❤️❤️" A fellow dad, who agreed with Nitoto's stance on men's washroom being disgusting, shared, "I have had this problem before. I agree 100 percent. Men's bathrooms are too gross for my daughters to use them, so I just bring a portable potty in the car, and when they need to go, I would just bring them to the car. Never thought about going into the women’s bathroom though."



Nitoto also appeared in Good Morning America and opened up about the struggles of being a dad to two girls. "Being a girl dad, I find myself having to navigate things that I don't have a book I can read from to help me with solutions," he explained, adding how this inspired him to start his own Instagram account. "It's almost like the parenting story isn't shared in-depth from a father's side. That's why I started my Daddy Chronicles," said Nitoto, who hoped other dads like him would find his anecdotes helpful as it is from a father's perspective. "I wanted to tell the dad's side of stories -- some that have been heard from the mom's side and some that haven't even been talked about before," he explained. 




Cover image source: Instagram | chroniclesofdaddy