This Fun Motorized Float Now Allows You And Your Family To Play Bumpy Cars In Water, This Summer

This Fun Motorized Float Now Allows You And Your Family To Play Bumpy Cars In Water, This Summer

A motorized boat called the GoBoat is ideal for anyone who wants to have some fun in water on a good sunny afternoon.

Amusement parks were and will always be one of our favorite destinations for family outings. Though we love most adventurous rides, it is no doubt that bumper cars remain the first go to ride. Just bumping into each other and racing each other with friends and family is so much fun. For all of you who enjoy the bumper car, here is a new product that you will surely love. Some may even say it is better than the bumper car itself. The GoBoat is a motorized pool float that is very similar to a bumper car. Though we might be halfway through summer, the GoBoat is one of those must-have floatable accessories.


According to House Beautiful, the GoBoat is the ideal pool float for a bumping game in the pool along with friends and family. The circular shape of the boat makes it ideal for slamming each other in the water. If you cannot get to the amusement park, getting one of these will fulfill all your wishes of having some fun and adventure at the same time.


The company website says that the product is super portable and lightweight. It even claims that the product is lighter than a carry on luggage. The boat which only takes a few minutes to assemble can be set up in a matter of a few minutes. Being a super easy and compact product, it would not be difficult for families to take it on their outing to the beach or even use it in their normal-sized pool. The website, however, emphasizes using the boat in the local pool as it would give a larger area to play or even hunt some ducks.


 The GoBoat is available for $299.00 on the company website. It is also available in a number of colors. People have already started buying this summer essential. "Absolutely love it! The GoBoat has been a lifesaver for me. I normally use a small kayak for my fishing, but I can’t do that anymore considering I no longer have a truck to put it in. But now, I just disassemble the GoBoat and put it in the trunk of my car! You guys have an awesome product, keep it up," said one person on the company website.


However some people are not very happy with the price of the product, "Where would one buy the trolling motor and battery that fits well with this? But I agree, a bit expensive to not include at least the battery," wrote a Facebook user on their page. GoBoat definitely looks like a fun product to have in spite of the different reviews.