Moms Are Applying Make-Up During Labor And Having Glam Team To Be Social-Media Ready

Moms Are Applying Make-Up During Labor And Having Glam Team To Be Social-Media Ready

Pain and contraction may be part of childbirth but how can that stop you from looking your best. Women across the globe are glamming up before giving birth.

Painful, messy, lots of screams and heavy breathing are all the usual things associated with childbirth. However times have changed, childbirths will no longer be just about contractions but a lot more about glam and contouring. Though it may sound unimaginable to a lot of you. The truth is, mothers today think it is important to freshen up their dull faces and brighten it up with a full face makeup such that their pictures are Instagram-worthy.


According to Daily Mail, women around the world are getting dolled up right before childbirth. While some do it on their own, others get it done from friends, sisters or even artists. A study said that about 64 percent of women aged 18 to 31 will also get a beauty treatment before going into labor. While 65 percent undergo hair removal, 57 and 43 percent of women prefer manicure and pedicure respectively. Spray tans, cut and styling are also preferred by some ladies.


With the emergence of social media, many women are pressurized to move away from the stigmatized picture of childbirth.  The participants of the study when questioned about the need to apply make-up before labor had different reasons. While 31 percent wanted to look good in photos others wanted to be presentable for the visitor. About 22 percent, however, wanted to avoid looking ill and drained off. Though the reasons behind this practice vary from person to person, the trend is spreading across the globe.


Different beauty bloggers and Instagram influencers have promoted this trend through their social media accounts. Alexis Jayda a beauty blogger from California recorded a full face makeup tutorial just before going to labor. Another beauty influencer Dana Chavez also followed a similar path correcting her contour lines and shaping her eyebrows to perfection before giving birth. While glamming up became an effort to look good and presentable for visitors and Instagram viewers, others saw it as a great way to distract themselves from the pain of the severe contractions.


New York-based make-up artist Alaha Karimi, went viral in 2016 when she shared three makeup prep photos on social media. “I went to the hospital at 7:30 a.m., and I was in labor for a total of 10 hours that day,” she told ABC News. “I had an epidural around 8:30 or 9:00 a.m., so when it started to wear off, I needed something to distract myself from the pain,” she told in an ABC interview. The woman who posted a series of photographs from the delivery room said that she asked her husband to get her make-up bag as a distraction.  She also added that it took her three hours more compared to the usual 45 minutes to apply a full face make-up.

However, not all women get glammed up on their own. Make artist Tegan Woodford, from Queensland’s Gold Coast, was called in to do the make-up for her sister in law right before her pregnancy. “I got a phone call from my sis-in-law at 2 am saying she had her first contraction,” recalled Tegan, and said she immediately jumped on the next flight to Adelaide. There are also women who preplan ahead of their scheduled deliveries to look their best.  

The current trend has different responses to social media. While some shared their experiences giving birth, others were outraged by the interference of social media into every aspect of a person's life.