Woman Who Refused To Abort Her Baby Despite Chemotherapy Delivers A Perfectly Healthy "Miracle Child"

Woman Who Refused To Abort Her Baby Despite Chemotherapy Delivers A Perfectly Healthy "Miracle Child"

"I did not know how I felt about the pregnancy until I was told I should not continue my pregnancy," she said.

When Jade Devis was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer, it wasn't just her life she had to fight for. It was two lives that were on the line—her unborn baby's as well as her own.

The single mother was already pregnant when one day in March 2019, she noticed a lump on her breast. At first, she was told by the doctor that it was mostly a symptom of pregnancy. However, her mother's intuition told her that it was likely to be something more.

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"If I had ignored it, I would have been dead," Jade said, according to a statement by the Loma Linda University Health.

After she pushed for a biopsy, she was told that she's suffering from stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer, which was threatening her and her baby, as reported by Fox 40.

The 36-year-old woman was not sure if she and her baby would make it out alive at the other end of her aggressive cancer treatment. More than anything, as a mother-to-be, she was told how it might be better for her to terminate her pregnancy.

"I did not know how I felt about the pregnancy until I was told I should not continue my pregnancy," said Jade. "That is when something rose up inside of me — I wanted to keep my baby because I would not allow a stranger to tell me my child’s fate."


Throughout her pregnancy, she was faced with the heartbreaking thought of whether she and her baby would both make it. She often thought, "What would happen to my baby, and if he did make it, what would happen to me?"

With sheer determination and a will to fight for the two of them, she decided to go through the treatment and continue her pregnancy, despite all the risks.

The mother said, "His heart was beating. I could feel him inside. He was fighting, so I had to fight, too."

But it wasn't easy at all. Jade underwent a lumpectomy along with several rounds of chemotherapy, which in itself puts the body through a considerable amount of stress.

Although the journey of cancer and pregnancy was extremely tough, it was worth every bit of it when she finally her baby boy had in her arms. He was born towards the end of July 2019, healthy and perfect.


"My baby boy is my miracle child," said Jade. "It is surreal to remember that my pregnancy had an element of extraordinary fear. I am blessed when I look at my son, and I cannot ask for more than that."


"Going through chemotherapy is tough for anyone, and we do our very best to support our patients in every way we can at Loma Linda University Cancer Center," said Dr. Gayathri Nagaraj, a breast cancer specialist as well as Jade's doctor, according to KTLA. "In Jade’s situation, we had to be doubly cautious and alert to ensure the safety of the patient and the baby. I am extremely glad to be working with an amazing team who all came together to make this possible."

Today, Jade is happy to have her hands full as she raises her son,  Bradley. The single mother will undergo her final rounds of infusion therapy by the end of November and her doctors are sure that she will be free of cancer.


After having believed that she might not deliver a healthy baby, Jade is now grateful for the medical team that worked with her and said, the "team gave me more than my son. They picked up my spirit and rejuvenated my soul."

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