Mother Wears A White, Lacy Dress To Her OWN Daughter's Wedding, Much To The Bride's Embarrassment

Mother Wears A White, Lacy Dress To Her OWN Daughter's Wedding, Much To The Bride's Embarrassment

A Reddit user posted the oicture of a mother who decided to upstage her own daughter on her big day.

Weddings are known for the drama and spice around it. Most weddings involve an over-enthusiastic relative or an annoying mother-in-law. But, it is quite rare to see your closest people creating unwanted trouble and causing confusion on your big day. However, the mother of a bride just proved that wrong. She broke the unspoken rule of any wedding ceremony and upstaged her own daughter on her big day.

According to Mirror Online, a picture posted on a Facebook group called "That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming" group showed the bride's mother posing in white alongside her. It showed the bride's mother in a lacy knee-length dress posing with the bride who was wearing a floor-length lace dress. The picture was posted by a guest who could not believe the mother's actions. The guest captioned the image saying, "Shaming the s*** out of the mother of the bride. I went to a family wedding over the weekend and the bride was gorgeous, it was such a pretty wedding. [But] her mum wore a white, lace dress.”

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The incident was shocking not just to the guest but also to other users of the group. They were annoyed by the mother who stole the bride's thunder. “Call me old fashioned but I’d be p***** off if anyone besides me wore white to my wedding,” said one user according to Mirror. Another user wrote, "I don’t know why mothers are like this. I have four kids, two of which are girls. I would NEVER do anything to ruin their day. This is just sad to me.”


While some called the mother's dressing," cheap and classless. Some said the bride should have demanded the mother to change. “I have seen mothers wear white to their daughter’s wedding… 90% of the time it is a white skirt suit or another non-bridal looking gown", wrote one user. “If you wear a lacy white gown when your daughter is wearing a lacy white gown as her wedding dress – I shame you,” wrote another angry user. 

However, this is not the first time such an incident has occurred. Many social media users have posted similar tales. A Reddit user with the name throwawayou2019 posted a picture of a similar mother. The mother was seen wearing a white dress that resembled a wedding gown. The user said," This mom is extra crazy and dramatic...Constantly trying to steal her daughters’ thunder." Reddit users were fast to comment on the picture. "I’m about to be a mom, and I just can’t imagine where in the head I’d have to be kicked to try and steal my daughters big day away from her," wrote one.


Others recalled similar incidents from their own life. "My mom did the same thing for my brother's wedding..it was amusing to say the least," wrote one user. Another said, "My mom did this to me. “It’s Winter White” was what she told me. I wore an off white/cream dress, so I felt it was even worse! To protest my calling her on her bullshit, my mom wore all black to my wedding."