Mom Devastated After Finding Her Partner Of 15 Years Has Another Family Through His Texts | "I'm Currently Just Broken"

Mom Devastated After Finding Her Partner Of 15 Years Has Another Family Through His Texts | "I'm Currently Just Broken"

The mother wants to get hold of her husband's phone once more to confirm his affair.

Trust and loyalty are two important factors in any relationship. The absence of these two can break the love between partners. Despite knowing it all, people tend to cheat and lie to their loved ones without taking the initiative to speak to them.

One woman was heartbroken when she realized her partner of 15 years was cheating on her. She took to Reddit to talk about the incident. 

Before getting on with the incident, she gave a background of her life. She stated that over the years of being with her partner, they had lived separately for a couple of years due to her battle with alcohol addiction. However, she claimed that she worked hard to change their ways. "Me and SO have been together 15+ years, living together for a while, lived separated for a few years (mostly for reasons outside our control), the last few years living together again. For my part in this I have to admit I’m an alcoholic in recovery, I’m definitely not perfect but I’ve worked very hard to improve myself, stay sober, and be the best woman and mom I can be," wrote the woman. 

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Further, she added that her partner lied to her while they were apart. He entered into an affair with another woman but despite it, she decided to forgive him. Leaving it all behind, the couple started their new life and the woman was quite happy with the way their relationship evolved.

"We all just moved to a new town a bit before lockdown. I know no-one here and we didn’t have any time to make new friends before corona had us hiding in the house. I felt like life was really really coming together. After a LOT of searching, I found the perfect house, in a nice neighborhood, a place for a fresh start. I was truly happy, my kids were blossoming, life is really really good," wrote the woman, according to Reddit. 

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However, recently everything changed. She was out with her partner and kids for a relaxed sightseeing day. The woman, who wanted to browse for a particular location borrowed her partner's phone.

"Until yesterday and the world fell out from under me. We were driving to do some social-distancing sightseeing, we might not be able to play in our new city but at least we can see it through the car window. We get a bit lost and I borrowed SOs phone (kid had stolen mine to play a game) to look up the next place we want to see," wrote the woman. 

Moments later, she noticed an incoming text and her partner began to show signs of panic. He took the phone away from her, leaving her suspicious. Though she thought she was just overthinking, 10 minutes later she checked his phone after being unable to get over her partner's reaction. Scrolling through his top contacts, she found a contact named "C". The events that followed made her worst fears come true.

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She found texts that referred to him as "daddy" and also found the picture of a toddler. "I open 'C' and it looks fairly innocent. But the top message catches my eye 'do we need to pay for school this week?' What? That’s weird? I scrolled up, I quickly see a few pictures maybe 3-4 of a cute kid, I’d estimate 2ish? Maybe a bit younger now that I’m thinking about it. I’m still just quickly skimming, not really knowing what exactly I was doing so I don’t really slow down. (This is all happening in a second or two) then as it pauses to load more I catch the message under a picture of the kid holding a tablet.
'Thank you daddy'," wrote the devastated woman.

She handed the mobile phones back and sat calmly refraining from bursting out in the presence of their kids, who were in the back seat.

"Our kids were the car, not like I can freak out. Since the move our oldest has been sleeping in our room and my youngest is a little over 2, and co-sleeping. I thought we were a happy little family, I thought we were in such a good place. I’m currently just broken," wrote the woman. 

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She stated that she didn't have anyone to talk to and therefore, thought about venting it out on the internet. She added that she wanted to see the texts again to confirm if she had not misread or misunderstood them.

"I’m trying to find a way to access the phone again to prove to myself one way or the other that it was my imagination or if my nightmare has just begun. I don’t want to blow up my life if I just read it wrong. Please god maybe I read it wrong! Maybe my life didn’t just implode with 3 words," wrote the woman. 

Reddit users responded to the heartbroken woman. They encouraged her and told her to be strong. "Gosh I’m so so sorry this is happening. You saw what you saw. Sounds like he’s an expert manipulator so I get wanting more evidence but also trust yourself. The truth is the truth no matter how much he denies it. There’s a lot you don’t know- true enough- but what you saw isn’t an illusion," wrote one user. The others too told her not to feel bad about checking his phone.