Mother Mourns The Death Of Daughter Who Said "I Love Y'All And Tell Everybody," Just Before Going Missing

Mother Mourns The Death Of Daughter Who Said "I Love Y'All And Tell Everybody," Just Before Going Missing

Tiara Lott was last seen on 29 January, 2021. 

One mother was worried after not hearing from her daughter for days. Unfortunately, the mother could not see her alive. According to People, 22-year-old Tiara Lott's body was found on railway tracks on 13 February 2021 in Buffalo, N.Y.

Police stated that they were waiting for autopsy results to confirm the identity of the body. But added that they had reasons to believe that it belonged to Lott. 


Her mother, Patricia Davis had last heard from her on 29 January 2021. 

On that day, Lott appeared to have been bruised. A friend who chatted with her on a video call noticed her injuries and asked her for her address to send an uber to her location. However, her phone hung up. Moments later, a text from her phone stated she wanted everyone to know she loved them if anything was to happen to her. 


"She was sore. They asked her, 'What's the address?' to send an Uber and the phone hung up. Then 10 minutes later she sent out, 'God forbid, if anything happens to me, that I love y'all and tell everybody,'" recalled Patricia Davis. 

Meanwhile, the deceased woman was reportedly seen last with her boyfriend at an address on Gold Street. The grieving family went to the address to retrieve some of her belongings. "We found her clothes in the house, her boots. We went back to the house four days later, and we found my baby's coat with her IDs in it," said the mother. The mother stated that the family hadn't heard from her boyfriend since her missing.


Previously, the mother hoped to find her daughter. She said, "I'm out here everyday looking, running up in abandoned buildings, train tracks. I'm going crazy right now," according to WGRZ

She also said that her daughter was all set to join a new job with a telemarketing company when she went missing. She cherished her daughter as outgoing, loving, fun, and a shopper. 

Meanwhile, the authorities are treating the case as a homicide. No suspects have been identified yet. 

Anyone with a tip is requested to contact the authorities at 716-847-2255.