Devastated Mother Still Grieving Her 22-YO Son's Death Tragically Loses Husband To Brain Tumor

Devastated Mother Still Grieving Her 22-YO Son's Death Tragically Loses Husband To Brain Tumor

Lisa did not see it coming. Her son and her husband died just weeks part leaving her and her daughter alone. Lisa found peace in donating her son's organs and knowing that his death has given life to someone else.

Losing somebody can break our heart especially if they are family. No matter how many arguments or disagreements we have had in the past, they are dear to us and living a life without them around maybe be unimaginable. A mother was devastated when she lost her son. But in a matter of weeks, she had to endure another tragedy. She lost her husband too, was left behind with her only daughter Pippa.

According to Mirror Online, Lisa Wilson from Hornchurch, East London suffered the loss of her son, Tom, and husband, Graham just weeks apart. The woman who could not believe her fate was in deep sorrow. However, she tried to keep the memories of her son alive as per her husband's last words through organ donation. His tissues and organs were donated to save the lives of 50 people since the death of Tom in 2015.


Lisa recalls the time when she received a phone call regarding her son who suffered a tragic accident. Tom who was just 22 years old was hit on the back of his head with a hockey stick. But Lisa overheard somebody in the background of the call asking, "Is he still breathing?" He was rushed to the hospital, and his death was confirmed the following day on December 9. Tom had suffered a brain hemorrhage, and later went into a cardiac arrest and lost his life.

Unfortunately, the devasted mother was still in the throes of grief when the next tragedy followed. 

Just eight weeks after, Lisa rushed Graham to Queens Hospital after she suspected he had suffered a mini-stroke. According to Essex Live, a week later doctors confirmed Graham had a brain tumor. Her husband of 23 years passed away on 20 February 2016 after contracting sepsis at the age of 63.

"Some of Graham’s last words to me were 'Lis, try and keep Tom's memory alive'." Lisa along with her daughter sat by him before they passed away. "Pippa was my rock through all of this. I feel very sorry for all the sadness she has had. We just sat for an hour and a half, then we went into autopilot. We knew what we would be faced with and we knew we had to give him the best send-off," said Lisa to Mirror Online.


Lisa donated the organs of her son who had signed up as a donor at his University freshers fair. She also became a London Ambassador for organ donation after her retirement as PE teacher in March 2019. "His team mates did CPR on him and that played a key part in his organs being able to be used. I was just so stunned at how Tom was so handsome in life and angelic in his death. Knowing that from Tom’s ending comes someone else’s beginning is what keeps me going," said Lisa.

Immediately after the death of her son, she set up a Tom Wilson memorial fund to encourage people to donate organs and has raised around £50,000 since then. She continues to urge people to sign up to the organ donors register after his organs and tissue donation helped to save and improve the lives of up to 50 people.


Though she grieves her loss, Lisa is happy that she could help people with organ donations. "Rafa was a two and a half-year-old girl, who was very poorly. She had Tom's liver and she is now six and has just started school. A man called Gordon from Newcastle had Tom's heart. I can understand why people might be worried about the operation and the distress it would cause but they treat the body with so much care and respect," said Lisa. She added that her son is a hero to people whom he donated his organs. 

Remembering the deaths of Tom and Graham, Tom's friends from the hockey club along with his sister teamed for 10 fundraising runs and even completed the Liverpool Marathon. They raised over £14,000. The family along with friends have been actively taking part in organ donation awareness programs ever since.