Teen Boy Weighed Less Than 6 Stones And Died In Neglect As Cruel Mom & Grandmom Leave Him To "Rot"

Teen Boy Weighed Less Than 6 Stones And Died In Neglect As Cruel Mom & Grandmom Leave Him To "Rot"

The paramedics and police officers were shocked to see the miserable condition of the boy.

Not everyone is blessed with a caring mother. Among the many toxic or abusive moms is one who had no compassion, let alone a mother's nurturing warmth, that she felt nothing watching her child staving to death.  Her behavior was so shocking that even the police officers and paramedics could not believe how cold her heart was. 

According to BBC News, 18-year-old Jordan Burling was "very emaciated" when the paramedics came to his rescue him from his house in Leeds in 2016. The teenager, who was found laying on an inflatable mattress and wearing a soiled diaper, went into a cardiac arrest despite the efforts of the paramedics. 


PC Ben McNamara of West Yorkshire Police said, "It's the worst I've seen in 10 years as a police officer, the state he was in was shocking—he was extremely thin, emaciated." But the family was in denial and claimed that he was "normally fit and well." Contrary to their statements, Paramedic Graham Farah stated that all you could see in the boy was his "bone structure." 

While the condition of the boy clearly shook the officers, the family's disinterest was beyond their comprehension. Jordan's mother, Dawn Cranston, seemed unbothered by the boy's struggle. She showed no concern or worry while the paramedics tried to revive the teenager. 

"She did not seem to be bothered about what was going on, she did not seem to be in shock," said a witness according to BBC. 


When the boy took his last breath, the insensitive family remained unmoved and immediately inquired about the cost of his funeral. "How much does a funeral cost?" asked Dawn to the uniformed officers. 

"I was surprised by everyone's lack of emotion, it's a strange thing to say after he had just died," said Ben McNamara. After the death of the teenager, the family was accused of leaving him to "rot to death."

But the boy's mother, Dawn; his grandmother, Denise Cranston; his sister, Abigail, denied all the accusations and stated that they did not have anything to do with the death. 

According to The Guardian, Jordan only weighed  5 stones 11 pounds (38kg) at the time of his death. Additionally, there were pressure sores on his body and his bones were exposed. His condition was "hauntingly reminiscent of starving victims in the extermination camps of the second world war," according to the judge. 

The judge charged Dawn and Denise with manslaughter and wrote, "Although the house was full of clutter, you all had mobile phones, laptop or tablet computers, and a great deal of other equipment. The house was well-stocked with food. There were three refrigerators or freezers."

The judge further noted that the teenager's life could have been saved if he was given the proper care and attention by his family. 

The mother was sentenced to four years while the grandmother was sentenced to three years in prison. The sister, on the other hand, was given a jail time of 18 months after being found guilty of allowing or causing the death of a vulnerable person. 


According to Mirror Online, a picture of the boy with his bony physique was released by the police. 


Meanwhile, Dawn was released less than two years after the sentence. A source stated, "It’s sickening that after what she was found guilty of she is now back walking the streets. She’s not shown an ounce of remorse over what happened or for how Jordan ended up dying," according to The Sun