Woman Kills Husband With Boiling Water After He Allegedly Sexually Abused Her Kids

Woman Kills Husband With Boiling Water After He Allegedly Sexually Abused Her Kids

The woman was sentenced to life in prison for killing her husband.

Trigger Warning: This article contains graphic details of murder that may be distressing to readers.

A 59-year-old British woman killed her husband with a boiling mixture of water and three bags of sugar after she was told he had sexually assaulted her two children. Corinna Smith poured the liquid over Michael Baines, 80, while he was asleep. Baines suffered over one-third of his body and died weeks later from his injuries. According to the Cheshire Police, Smith seemed troubled the day before the attack. She was described as angry and very upset at a rumor about her husband that she believed to be true. After the attempt, she went to a nearby house and banged on the door. The occupant called the police and ambulance after hearing her say "I’ve hurt him really bad, I think I’ve killed him."



Smith was first charged with grievous bodily harm but after the death of her husband, she was charged with murder. Detective Chief Inspector Paul Hughes, from Cheshire Constabulary’s Major Crime Directorate, said, “Smith killed her husband Michael in such a painful and cruel way. To throw boiling water over someone when they are asleep is absolutely horrific. To also mix three bags of sugar with the water showed the determination she had to cause serious harm. The sugar placed into the water makes it vicious. It becomes thicker and stickier and sinks into the skin better. It left Michael in agony and rather than call the emergency services she wasted time by going to a house nine doors away to tell a neighbor, who she wasn’t close to, what she had done. Michael was an elderly man who fought for his life after the attack but sadly in the end he passed away. My thoughts continue to be with his family at this incredibly difficult time.”



According to Liverpool Echo, at Chester Crown Court, it was heard how Smith was angry following claims made by her daughter on July 14, last year, that Baines had sexually abused her and her brother. Smith’s daughter claimed Baines had sexually abused her and her brother “for many years when they were children.” Her brother Craig had been imprisoned for an assault and had killed himself in 2007. He had told his mother the man he attacked was a “pedophile” who had “touched him sexually.” Judge Amanda Yip, QC, said, "You found it difficult to take everything in, but made the connection between what Craig had said the day before he died and what your daughter was telling you. You were understandably very upset. You were described as being livid and fuming at the thought of what had been done to your children." Prosecutors said, "We cannot and do not say whether these allegations made about Michael Baines are true or not....but that is not the issue for you in this case because the prosecution certainly accept that these allegations were made, and that Corinna Baines believed them to be true at the time that she caused the fatal injuries to Michael." Corinna Smith, of Highfield Road in Neston, was sentenced to life imprisonment and will serve a minimum of 12 years in prison.